As a location for a podcast, you can't get much cooler (and weirder) than a remote mountain pass in the wilds of central Asia, but that's exactly where best-selling author Tim Ferriss recorded his latest.


Not just for kicks, but because Ferriss recently found himself traveling around Uzbekistan with Wired founder and all around cool guy Kevin Kelly. The well traveled pair used their shared adventure as the perfect opportunity to put their favorite travel tools to a rugged test, as well as a chance to share them with each other and listeners.

The whole 42-minute podcast is chock full of travel hacks, useful gizmos, and fun banter, but for the time-pressed here are some of Ferriss and Kelly's picks in brief (the first four are from Ferriss the last is Kelly's).

1. NAU jacket

More of a blazer than a hefty outdoor jacket, Ferris insists "you can throw it on to, say, a black T-shirt and look like you're ready for a formal or semi-formal occasion." Not only does it save men the trouble of lugging more formal clothes, but Ferriss's go-to jacket is also weather and wrinkle resistant, no matter how tightly you pack it. Price is $280.

2. Logitech bluetooth keyboard

Thin, light, and just a bit larger than a standard paperback, Ferriss usually stuffs this tiny bluetooth keyboard in a journal or magazine while he's traveling. That means he can simply connect it to his iPhone and instantly transform a coffee shop in any remote corner of the world into a halfway decent workspace. It also holds a charge super well.

3. Mack's silicon ear plugs

These innovative ear plugs have the consistency of wax and look like candies, according to Ferriss. Rather than stuff them in your ear canals, they are "smeared over the ear opening," he explains. "I find them to block sound much more effective than any kind of foam ear plug." Each reusable set will provide you with four to five restful nights (or flights) of peace and quiet.

4. Cabeau Evolution memory foam travel pillow

A serious upgrade on your usual neck pillow, this memory foam version costs $39.99 and compresses down to the size of a large grapefruit. It also actually works, according to Ferriss, who has tried and discarded many other options.

5. myTracks GPS logger

Available both for iPhone and Android, this app makes a GPS log of your trip, even if you don't have cell service while traveling. That means you can generate a cool map of your travels afterwards, and also geostamp photos so you'll always know exactly where they were taken.