In the immortal words of comedian Louis C.K., "Everything's amazing right now and nobody's happy."

Why? There are lots of deep and thought-provoking answers to that question that are way beyond the scope of this blog post. But one thing's for sure, savoring the good things in life definitely helps.

Admittedly, small pleasures met with gratitude won't do anything to fix the big issues in life, whether that's a stalled career or a troubled relationship, but they can add little spikes of joy to your everyday. And who couldn't do with a few more moments of pure, unadulterated pleasure?

How do you get them? Everyone has their own surefire smile inducers, but Quartz recently spurred readers to come up with their own by soliciting their staff for suggestions to kick start your creativity on the subject. They include:

1. Wake without an alarm.

In my opinion, this is the single biggest joy of freelance life (and being your own boss has lots of advantages). The folks at Quartz agree. Just imagine slowly opening your eyes to a new day without that shrieking, hectoring alarm. Ah, the bliss!


But you need to set your own schedule to accomplish more peaceful mornings. "Training yourself to wake without an alarm isn't difficult. It requires routine, and not being exhausted. The payoff: waking every morning with no sense of panic or shock. Highly recommended," Quartz notes.

2. Don't accept being uncomfortable at your desk.

"Pain at work should not be a normal state of affairs, though for many of us it is. There's a lot of advice out there about how to optimize your work station but at the minimum: Screens, desktops, and chairs need to be at the right height and distance for your body. Other tweaks (footrests, the ability to stand, ergonomic equipment) might be necessary. Experiment until you find what works," recommends the Quartz team. Amen!

3. Use good sheets.

Yes, buying them is an expense. But it's also "an investment: good sheets last," Quartz points out. And can you really put a price tag on a great night's sleep?

4. Have a designated no-worry time.

One reason many of us feel so bad despite living among historically unparalleled material plenty, is the constant sense of uncertainty. Will we be able to keep this up? Can I meet all the demands that are put on me? Some of this pressure is an unavoidable feature of adulthood, but you can at least give yourself a designated time off from worry each day, Quartz points out. (Some anxious types actually enjoy corralling their stress into a designated worry time even more.)

5. Eat good bread.

Next time any of you go to San Francisco, can you FedEx me a loaf of fresh Tartine bread, please? Because really, there are few greater pleasures in life than exceptional bread straight out of the oven. "Hipster-beloved sourdough. A baguette with butter. Dark Polish rye. Spongy, sour injera. Eat what you love. Just don't eat bad bread. Don't do it," Quartz beseeches readers.

Check out the complete post for more ideas or share your own suggestions in the comments.

What other little moments of joy could your fellow readers add to their day?