With coronavirus rampaging around the world, nothing is certain at the moment except that daily life is about to be a whole lot different. With many businesses shutting their doors and public health officials imploring us to stay home and socially isolate ourselves (here's why you need to listen to them), many of us are going to have a lot of time on our hands. 

How should we fill it? There are a million good ideas out there, from book lists to virtual museum tours to online classes for kids stuck at home. But perhaps one of the best I've come across is via Dhawal Shah, CEO of online education clearinghouse Class Central.  

He emailed me this weekend to suggest those pacing the halls check out his company's list of nearly 500 free online courses offered by Ivy League universities online. Not only will they fill up large swaths of time, they'll also help you emerge from this crisis a little smarter than when it started. 

There are classes on just about anything you can imagine, from Shakespeare to classical music to Buddhist philosophy, but here's an example of some that might be of particular interest to business owners:  

  • "The Science of Well-Being," Yale 
  • "Introduction to Computer Science," Harvard 

  • "American Capitalism: A History," Cornell 

  • "Introduction to Marketing," University of Pennsylvania 

  • "Economics of Money and Banking," Columbia 

  • "The Computing Technology Inside Your Cell Phone," Cornell

  • "Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency Technologies," Princeton 

  • "Improving Your Business Through a Culture of Health," Harvard 

  • "Viral Marketing and How to Craft Contagious Content," University of Pennsylvania  

  • "Entrepreneurship 1: Developing the Opportunity," University of Pennsylvania 

  • "Machine Learning," Brown 

  • "Networks: Friends, Money, and Bytes," Princeton 

Check out lots more here. Stay safe and sane out there.