Since the time I was a kid in the '80s, technology has radically transformed our lifestyles. But while what I do all day has shifted nearly beyond recognition, where I do it looks much the same. Minus a few avocado appliances and plus a few screens, my house today and the home I grew up in still look basically the same.

That is soon going to change, according to a fun and fascinating recent blog post from British broadband company Plusnet. The firm recently surveyed a host of experts to get their predictions on how our homes will be transformed by technology in the coming decades. Here is some of their vision for what your house just might look like in 2050.

1. Mood (and sleep) boosting lighting

A stack of science shows that lighting not only impacts our ability to get to sleep (blue light from screens before bed is especially harmful) but also our mood. The clever home of the future will use this truth to tune your lighting to what's naturally best for humans.

"I think the lighting in our homes could be improved to better reflect the range of light spectrums that are emitted naturally by the sun," Dan Trussler of Ancestral Health tells Plusnet. "Also, more homes set up with projectors rather than LCD TVs to again limit the amount of unnatural light our eyes and skin are exposed to after sunset."

2. The cook-free kitchen

Don't like cooking? How about grocery shopping? Don't worry, in just a couple of decades your home will take care of all that for you, predicts VC and author Scott Amyx:

"The kitchen will become an integrated refrigerator, conveyor belt auto-dispenser, stove, sink and dishwasher and storage system. It means that without human intervention, it maintains an inventory of food items and reorders as needed. It will dispense the ingredients for the robotic chef arms to make meals and then the workflow proceeds to clean the dirty dishes and place the clean plates and utensils in the right location." ?

3. A bathroom scale that keeps you healthy

"Bio-electrical impedance scales and 3-D scales will perform a body scan and provide updates and progress for home members on their health journeys. They will report on body composition and provide forecasts of when we can accomplish our health goals," says Ronnie Rich of Fitbanker.

4. Virtual decor (and clothing)

In the future, you won't have to worry about getting bored of your wall art or even your clothing, according to Amyx. 

"Home decoration will change as more people opt to buy virtual paintings, virtual home décor and virtual paint and wallpaper options. That also goes for clothes. Clothes can change shape, texture and style instantly on demand as well as be superimposed with augmented reality to have viewers see different effects. That means your outfit may look different to a stranger than it might to a family member," he foresees. ?

5. Climate-controlled indoor gardens

A raft of research shows just how beneficial nature and greenery can be for our health and productivity. That's why William Bird of Intelligent Health thinks homes of the future will have "indoor, climate-controlled plants so that gardens will be more indoors than outdoors, purely for the health benefits."

6. Virtual reality vacations on demand

Amyx, you may have already noticed, isn't afraid to think big, and that goes for this Star Trek holodeck-like prediction as well: "Virtual reality, mixed reality and direct brain-computer interface can create on-demand vacations. At any given moment, people can choose to weave in and out of multiverse or dimensions created by virtual realities."

7. No more garages

The future home looks set to gain a lot of features, but according to Quantumrun's David Tal it's set to lose at least one major one too: the garage. "Aside from the rich, most of the population will opt to sell their cars in favor of dirt-cheap, self-driving rideshare services that can transport us to wherever we need to go, as needed. As a result, those who still live in detached, single-family houses will convert their garages into additional livable spaces," he believes.

Check out the complete post for even more bold predictions.

Which of these predictions are you most excited to have in your own home?