These days, you can order a car or a gourmet meal with a few clicks of your phone or by having a quick chat with your robot home assistant. Your thermostat and even your coffee pot are smart, and, hey, that jet pack promised by science fiction books might be in the works, too. So why are you still spending hours of your life folding laundry?

If this is something you've pondered while elbow deep in a basket of clean socks, know you're not alone. Over in Israel, software developer Gal Rozov had the same complaint.

Fold and iron a whole load of wash in less than three minutes

"My wife always claims I'm one of the worst laundry folders in the world, and she's right. I hate it. It's tedious. We have a washer, dryer, vacuum cleaners, dishwasher. So where is the laundry folder? Why don't we have it already?" he told Fast Company.

But unlike most of us, tech-savvy Rozov was actually in a position to do something about the issue. The result of his years' long quest to never have to wrestle another shirt into a tidy square again is soon to be available for preorder.

It's called FoldiMate, and "you can go through your entire laundry load within minutes," Rozov claims. "It will save you 50 percent of the time it usually takes." But that time savings will cost you. The initial product to hit the market is expected to be priced at around $850, though Rozov hopes that will come down as orders come in, volumes come up, and the technology evolves.

Still, you're getting a lot for your money, as Fast Company's Rina Raphael explains: "Rozov's machine folds, softens, and even infuses fragrance into dry clothing. The user clips a garment to FoldiMate's feeder, and in roughly three seconds, the item is scented and dewrinkled (both optional), folded, and neatly placed on a pile."

The only bad news (beyond the price tag) is that when it comes to smaller pieces, like socks, underwear, and baby clothes, you're still on your own. As of yet, FoldiMate can't handle these items.

Still interested? You can get more of Rozov's story in Raphael's article, check out the preview video below for more information, or even go ahead and join the 196,000 or so people who have already expressed interest in getting their hands on the first iteration of the gizmo.