Star Wharton professor Adam Grant knows something about what it takes to make a book a bestseller. Both his books, Give and Take and Originals, were blockbusters, while Option B, his collaboration with Sheryl Sandberg, kicked off a national conversation on bereavement that's changed policies at some of the country's most respected companies.

So when Grant suggests a new book is about to make a splash, you probably should sit up and pay attention. Recently on LinkedIn, he sorted through the flood of books coming out in the next few months and selected 25 that he feels are going to stir conversation and make an impact. Check them out to get ahead of the conversation. Here's 10 to get you started:

1. When by Daniel Pink

Released in early January, this one has already been generating fascinating media coverage. "Everything important in life depends on timing, but in a sea of how-to books there's almost nothing on when-to," notes Grant, who calls the latest from the author of Drive an "amazingly actionable" book that offers wisdom on everything from when to do what sort of work to when to quit your job.

2. Big Potential by Shawn Achor

"A vibrant book on how to bring out the best in others--and how they can bring out the best in us. With enticing stories, fresh studies, contagious enthusiasm, and practical tips, this is Shawn at his best," says Grant about the latest from the Harvard happiness researcher. It's out tomorrow.

3. Cringeworthy by Melissa Dahl

I'm a huge fan of New York Magazine's Science of Us blog. Now, come mid-February, its editor is out with this "captivating, clever, and comical look at why social discomfort haunts us long beyond our teenage years. This book didn't just help me make sense of my most awkward moments. It freed me from feeling embarrassed by them. Well, most of them," confesses Grant. Sounds like a must-read for everyone who's struggled with awkwardness, in high school and beyond.

4. That's What She Said by Joanne Lipman

Another mid-February release, this one sounds like it couldn't be timelier. "Attention, good guys: If you want to advocate for women but don't want to be villainized, this book is for you," declares Grant. "It's a rare guide on championing gender equality that you'll actually enjoy reading--and it's full of strategies for improving your workplace."

5. Endure by Alex Hutchinson

Here's a message just about all of us could benefit from hearing: You have more grit than you think you do. "Humans have broken the four-minute mile barrier and cracked the 100-mile ultramarathon. But this elite runner turned journalist turned Cambridge physics PhD makes the case that we're actually underestimating our potential, and reveals how we can all surpass our perceived physical limits," explains Grant. Get your copy February 6.

6. Truth by Hector Macdonald

Another ultra-timely new book that's perfect for our fake news era. It's due out March 6. "In a time when truth is under assault, Hector Macdonald is here to defend it," says Grant. "He offers clear-eyed, compelling guidelines for becoming a more accurate consumer and producer of information."

7. The CEO Next Door by Elena Botelho and Kim Powell

Think you know what makes a great leader? Think again. "This book debunks a host of myths about what it takes to become a CEO--and succeed as one. Based on an impressive database of intensive interviews with executives, it turns out that big failures and small egos are among the building blocks of great leadership," notes Grant of this one, again due out March 6.

8. A Second Chance by Catherine Hoke

This book, out in late February, offers a spark of optimism to counter all the gloomy headlines. "Cat proves that within America's broken criminal justice system lies the potential for prisoners to become productive entrepreneurs and upstanding citizens," says Grant.

9. In Defense of Troublemakers by Charlan Nemeth

The title alone is enough to make me want to check this one out.  "A leading expert on making decisions and influencing others presents a career's worth of evidence on why the views you don't want to consider are often the ones you need to hear most," is Grant's quick description of this book, out March 20.

10. The Opposite of Hate by Sally Kohn

Grant doesn't hold back in his endorsement of this book: "Don't hate Sally because she's smarter than you. Just revel in the hope that if even a fraction of the population soaks up the wisdom in this book, America will be in a far better place. It's a stunning debut by a truly gifted writer--an eye-opening read for both liberals and conservatives." Unfortunately, you'll have to wait until April 10 to get your hands on it.

Have more space on your bookshelves or in your e-reader (of course you do!), then check Grant's complete list for another 10 suggestions. You can also sign up for the book club he runs with fellow superstar authors Malcolm Gladwell, Susan Cain, and Dan Pink.