Every single one of us is legally required to spend over a decade in school. You'd think that, even if you graduate with only a shaky knowledge of trigonometry or Chaucer, after all that time you'd at least leave school with a good grasp of how to learn efficiently.

But science says that's far from the case. Study after study shows that most of us still use inefficient methods to study and believe myths about learning that have long ago been disproved by science. (Newsflash: there is no such thing as "visual learner", for instance)

An instant IQ boost

What does that mean in practice? You're making learning new skills and knowledge a lot harder for yourself than it has to be. In effect, you're making yourself dumber.

Thankfully, the solution is simple. By arming yourself with the latest research on the best ways to learn you can give yourself an instant IQ boost. The first step is diagnosing where you're currently going wrong. This helpful quiz put together by Anya Kamenetz for NPR is a great place to start.

"New research on learning shows that the public is largely ignorant of, well, research on learning," she writes before offering a quick quiz that can diagnose whether you've fallen for any of the seven most common and most destructive misapprehensions about learning and education.

Click over and test your study skills. If you're anything like the average American, the results will probably be a bit of a rude shock, but armed with knowledge of where you've been going wrong, you'll be able to tune up your study skills according to scientific principles, learn faster, and feel smarter.

Did your quiz results surprise you?