Bill Gates just can't stop recommending books. Several times a year the Microsoft founder-turned-philanthropist takes to his blog to share his favorite recent reads, but even when he's supposedly promoting his own book, Gates just keeps plumping for other authors. 

As part of his promotional push for his new book How to Avoid a Climate Disaster, Gates recently participated in a Reddit AMA (Ask Me Anything) where he touched on what individuals can do to fight climate change, his feelings about the crazy conspiracy theories about his role in developing Covid vaccines, and even the best burger joints in Seattle. 

But, of course, bookworm Gates couldn't stop himself from slipping in a few book recommendations, too. He shared the last three great titles he's read. If you're looking to fill up your to-read queue for spring, maybe one of his suggestions will fill the bill. 

1. A Promised Land by Barack Obama 

The first volume of Obama's presidential memoirs has already sold more than three million copies, so perhaps it's not surprising that Gates, like so many others, picked it up. Whatever his reasons for giving the bestseller a go, Gates gave it the thumbs-up during the AMA. So did many other critics. 

"Barack Obama is as fine a writer as they come," raved The New York Times, calling the 768-page tome "nearly always pleasurable to read." That's high praise considering how ponderous most presidential memoirs are. 

2. The Overstory by Richard Powers 

Gates describes The Overstory as "a great fiction book a friend got me to read" in his AMA, which is true as far as it goes but doesn't quite convey the power and weirdness of the book. Weaving together interlocking stories that all center, in some way, on trees, the Pulitzer Prize-winning novel manages to be both a super compelling read (it's one of my personal favorite books of the past few years) and an impassioned call to better care for the natural world. 

Or as author Ann Patchett succinctly put it, it's "the best novel ever written about trees, and really just one of the best novels, period."

3. Hot Seat by Jeff Immelt 

But don't think Gates has abandoned his interest in business for environmentalism completely. The third book he mentioned is Hot Seat by Jeff Immelt, which details the legendary CEO's experiences piloting GE through the Great Recession and other crises. 

Basically self-recommending for entrepreneurs navigating the post-Covid world (hello, readers!), Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella called the book "a must-read for anyone wanting to learn about what it takes to lead through turbulent times."

Happy spring reading!