You know how hard it is to squeeze reading into your busy life. How on earth does President Obama find so much time for books?

You'd think being leader of the free world would be a pretty all-consuming job, but it seems our bookworm-in-chief somehow finds more than a few moments to get absorbed in good books. First, this summer, he publicly shared his vacation reading list. Which at least makes sense. The family's annual getaway is, after all, the President's designated time to relax and unwind.

But it seems that, even now that he's currently crisscrossing the country trying to get Hillary Clinton elected in addition to his regular job of keeping the world from falling apart, Obama somehow finds plenty of time for reading.

Got 89 hours to spare?

As part of his stint as guest editor of Wired magazine's November issue, the President named 10 books that shaped his thinking. Certainly, he read many of them before he became president, but the list of weighty titles suggests Obama has managed to continue reading at a pretty good clip throughout his time in office.

And as Wired points out, that's got to be pretty time consuming. "We calculated how much time you'd need to read everything on Professor Obama's syllabus. You're looking at 89 hours with great minds like Abraham Lincoln, James Baldwin, and Elizabeth Kolbert," notes the magazine.

If President Obama can manage to find time for great reads like these below, certainly you can too.

Check out the complete Wired list for details on each title, as well as a suggestion for when to read it. (The Power Broker apparently goes well with commuting rage.)

How many of Obama's picks have you read?