One week, we were all working away happily and comfortably at our desks, and the next week the world turned upside down and many business owners -- along with their employees -- found themselves moving operations to their homes

There are plenty of challenges of working from home, from dealing with kids underfoot to wrangling the right technologies to stay productive. All of these have gotten plenty of useful coverage here on and elsewhere. But what about the most fundamental challenge of all: Where to physically work?

Not everyone has a spacious home office. Some studio dwellers don't even have a dividing wall. But as a recent, hilarious Twitter thread highlighted by home design blog Apartment Therapy makes clear, where there's a will there's a way. 

Twitter user Jules Forrest kicked off the discussion by asking her followers to share the creative (if unglamorous) ways they were jerry-rigging work-from-home arrangements. Creative solutions that will make you feel better about your own makeshift setup poured in.

Here are a few to cheer you up if you're trying to stay productive in close quarters, starting off with Forrest's kick-off post: 

In fact, combining laundry equipment with remote work was a surprise trend in the thread: 

Others found creative ways to work outside: 

While still others were determined to stay active (or at least upright) while working: 

Some just admitted to giving in to inertia: 

Check out the complete thread (including plenty of adorable, intrusive pets) to feel a little less alone in your work-from-home struggles. 

Where exactly are you working these days?