How hard could it be to wrap a present? You cut an appropriate size sheet of paper, fold, tape, and slap on a bow and card with the recipient's name. You're good to go, right?  

This is how most of us have approached gift wrapping since we learned the basics back in the day. But if you think that's all there is to know about making your presents pretty, I am about to blow your mind. 

You are probably not as good at gift wrapping as you think you are. 

Thanks to an article in the Cut, I came across this video from DIY hacks account @BlossomHacks and realized that, despite a lifetime of wrapping, I am but a novice in the fine art of making presents pretty. Turns out I've been wasting paper, creating unnecessary hassles, and missing opportunities for dead simple decorations all this time. Consider my mind blown. 

I'm not the only one who is shocked to realize I've been wrapping presents wrong my entire life. (How did I not know about the diagonal trick?) The video has been viewed nearly seven million times with people proclaiming themselves "shamed" and "mortified" at their previous ignorance. One self-described "gift-wrapping enthusiast" agreed "this is blowing my mind right now." Another tweeter confessed, "I just finished wrapping gifts. I kind of want to unwrap and rewrap now."

(A few environmentalists complained that wrapping is wasteful and bad for the planet, but point grumpy doubters to the science showing a pretty box increases the joy of any gift.) 

So if you have a pile of presents to wrap, good luck with all that decking and taping and tying. After a lifetime of ill-equipped wrapping, you can now count yourself fully informed about the most efficient techniques to pretty up that stack of gifts.