Google is famous for its its use of analytics, and this love of data extends far beyond just testing 41 shades of blue for search results. It also includes a rigorous examination of what really works when it comes to HR, and what's mere urban legend.

That's led to all sorts of useful insights, from pinpointing unsung but essential characteristics of great managers to the elimination of the company's famed (but flawed) "brain teaser" interview questions. But perhaps the best part of Google's evidence-based approach to hiring is the company's willingness to share its findings for anyone to use.

That's the idea behind Google's consistently interesting re:Work blog, and the motivation behind a particularly useful recent post sharing five essential documents that can help you put Google's hiring insights to use at your company.

Of course, each document will need to be tailored to your specific needs, but with these in hand you should be able to structure your interview process in much the same way as the search giant, hopefully with the same excellent results. Here's what available, according to the re:Work post:

Job description checklist [document] - Make sure your job postings are clear and consistent by using a checklist like this one from Google's hiring team.

Sample structured interview grading rubric [document] - When interviewing people for the same role, structured interviewing helps you ask better questions, record feedback, and evaluate each candidate consistently. [A ton of science backs up Google on this.]

Interviewer best practices [cheat sheet handout] - Prepare your interviewers and remind them why interviewing is so important with practices and tips like the ones listed in this handout.

Sample candidate survey [Google Forms survey] - Measure and understand how candidates are experiencing your hiring process with this sample survey.

Interviewer training checklist [document] - Ensure that your interviewers are ready to help you find the right talent by making sure you've answered all the questions on this checklist.

Happy downloading (and hiring).