The pandemic currently sweeping the globe has been incredibly hard on small businesses, but thanks to the $2 trillion stimulus signed into law last week, help is on the way. Passing the measure was only the first step, however. Now small businesses need to figure out how to actually access this assistance. 

A lawyer could certainly help with that, but at the moment many entrepreneurs don't have a dollar to spare for even much needed legal advice. That's why Lawyers for Good Government Foundation, a consortium of some 125,000 legal advocates in all 50 states, is offering small business owners with under 25 employees a free consultation to help them understand and apply for all the help available to them. 

Free legal advice coming soon to a city near you

The pro bono service consists of free 45-minute sessions that will be held across the country in coming weeks. An initial pilot program, conducted in partnership with the City Bar Justice Center, is coming to hard hit New York in the coming days. You can sign up here to see when a clinic will come to a city near you. 

Owners will be able to get guidance on funding available through the stimulus bill, assistance in filing for grants and loans available through other federal, state, and local programs, and answers to general legal questions resulting from the upheaval. 

"Hundreds of thousands of small business owners, many of whom already operate on very narrow margins, are struggling with questions about how their businesses will survive the COVID-19 pandemic. This small business legal clinic can help them navigate this unanticipated economic crisis, and provide them with guidance they desperately need," Lawyers for Good Government's executive director Traci Feit Love commented.

While you wait for a clinic to come to your area, advice on accessing all the help available to entrepreneurs can be found here on, as well as via the U.S. Small Business Administration