Unless you're searching for fresh-faced interns or run a seasonal business that booms in the hot months, the summer isn't really known as  peak season to either look for a job or hire. Isn't everyone busy escaping to the beach and taking Fridays off, after all?

While it seems natural that hot weather and peak vacation season might put a damper on the market for talent, a new study out today suggests that if you're prepared to hustle while everyone else lounges in the sun, summer may be the ideal time to score your business hard-to-find technical talent.

More Fish, Fewer Nets

The research comes from British IT recruiter Randstad Technologies, which crunched through its trove of data on when vacancies open up and when suitable candidates are looking for new gigs. What they found is the summer offers the best ratio of talent to openings. In June, July, and August, there are 2.4 candidates for every job listing. Compare that to the winter months, when there are only 1.3.

"If you want the best odds on scooping up high-flyers, August is the month to hire. These figures show the competition for the best talent is less intense," commented Mike Beresford, managing director at Randstad.

A Couple of 'Buts'

This is a British study, of course, so there's no guarantee the pattern holds across the pond in America, but the findings at least suggest employers shouldn't be too quick about taking the summer off when it comes to hiring.

The other big "but" attached to Randstad's conclusions is that while they encourage employers not to kick back in the summer, top-tier tech talent probably won't take away the same message. With a savage war going on out there for these folks' services, the best of the bunch don't need to wait around until there is less competition among candidates. Many of these folks, therefore, will most likely meet these findings with a shrug and opt to relax in the sun anyway.

Whether Randstad's data causes slightly more or less talent to sit out the summer, competition will remain fierce. You need to be at the top of your game to attract the best talent--here are some tips and tricks to snag the technical folks your business needs.

Have you had any success hiring in the summer?