You'd think guys would have a lot easier time deciding what to put on every morning than women. They have a far more standard work uniform, after all - usually either a suit or a startup T-shirt will do, depending on the industry - and they don't have nearly as many landmines of inappropriateness to dodge.

But apparently, even in a world where the CEO of one of the world's biggest companies wears an identical grey T-shirt every day, getting dressed is still a head scratcher for many men.

That's according to a new survey of more than 1,000 adult men conducted by clothing brand Perry Ellis ahead of the launch of its new personal styling service and reported by Fast Company. The results reveal that a great many men feel utterly baffled by fashion.

"The struggle to get dressed is real."

The men Perry Ellis talked to reported "that the struggle to get dressed is real," according to the company's release. Just how difficult could getting dressed be? Here are some numbers to give you perspective.

  • Three-quarters (73 percent) of men admitted to having felt inappropriately dressed for an event.

  • 81 percent reported having trouble getting dressed for an event. (Though don't feel too bad about these first two stats, guys, I'm betting a large number of ladies would say the same.)

  • One-third of men admitted to actually having skipped an event because they didn't have the right clothes.

  • Job interviews, weddings, and dates are the occasions that men worry about most in terms of style.

  • But other events stressed men out too: 48 percent struggled to figure out what to wear to a funeral and 38 percent worried about what was the right look for jury duty. (I thought pretty much anything that qualifies as 'not naked' would do.)

More casual dressing is more difficult dressing. 

What's the takeaway here, beyond the obvious point that a whole lot of guys are really flummoxed by fashion? Maybe that this confusion isn't entirely their fault. While one has to wonder if a little more attention to their surroundings and a little more effort wouldn't solve some of this confusion for men, shifts in the style landscape aren't exactly making it easy for them either.

"As we spoke to our customers, we realized that the increasing casualization of clothing can be confusing," Perry Ellis president Melissa Worth told Fast Company. If you're clueless what to wear then, you can at least blame the issue on shifting norms and probably be right. Your grandfather didn't have this problem. But then again, he basically had to wear a suit all the time.

So sorry guys, the price you seem to be paying for increased comfort is more confusion. At least you know you're not alone.