Remember how refreshing summer vacations were when you were a kid? Come June you were sickened by the mere sight of a textbook and counting the minutes until the final bell, but give it a good stretch of time away and most of us couldn't wait to be back.

Of course, the days of months-long holidays are sadly behind you (except, perhaps, as a harried parent). But that doesn't mean you can't take advantage of the principle of an extended pause from your normal routine to beat burnout and boost inspiration. A new combo coworking/ retreat space called Outsite aims to offer just this sort of summer camp-like experience for entrepreneurs.

Same Bonding, Better Internet

OK, there are some differences between Outsite, which recently launched after a closed beta at two beach locations in Santa Cruz and San Diego (Lake Tahoe and Hawaii facilities are on the way) and summer camp. For one, it's open year round. Secondly, it's not designed to be a total escape from your everyday responsibilities. Outsite touts its lightning fast internet, work-fueling organic coffee, and ability to offer visitors an ideal environment to be heads down during work hours.

"People always think that guests don't work that much at Outsite, but they actually are very productive during the week," founder Emmanuel Guisset claims in an email to

But the similarities are still striking. Both are set in accessible but relaxing natural locations where you can go to escape your normal day-to-day for a short time. And both claim to offer ideal conditions to form fast and strong bonds with fellow attendees, as well as the perfect way to refresh your inspiration. "Being in beautiful outdoor locations allows our guests to be more relaxed and creative, and they get inspired," Guisset says, adding, "guests definitely bond quickly. Living, working and doing fun things together makes a real difference in terms of networking and building real relationships."

Also, like summer camp, Outsite is a more attainable experience financially and practically than extended travel or a year-long sabbatical somewhere exotic (though that sort of adventure might be more possible than you suspect). A shared room starts a $65 a night for an individual.

The concept has already won over a few guests, including Buffer co-founder Leo Widrich who stayed for a month during Outsite's beta. "Staying at Outsite has been one of the highlights of 2015," he says. "I feel like I've been more productive in my four weeks at Outsite than any other weekin 2015."

The company's website offers more information, or look into their networking events (like a camping trip called Unplug or Startup Surf Bus, which involved 15 entrepreneurs and a VW bus) if you're looking to get a taste of what Outsite is about.

Does the idea of Outsite appeal to you?