When it comes to the tech industry and its female employees, there is no shortage of discouraging figures. If you're in the market for pessimism, a wave of diversity data disclosures from big tech companies this summer will give you plenty of concrete numbers to fuel your gloom, for instance. Other studies have found glaring gaps between the genders in salary and how performance reviews are conducted.

While these numbers are no doubt necessary to spur conversation and elicit change, they can't be the most fun reading for actual female technologists looking to build their careers today. They need to find challenging and fulfilling jobs in workplaces that make them feel at home now. New findings from Glassdoor might be just what this group needs.

The salary and benefit reviews company took a unique approach to combing through its trove of data to come up with a new ranking. Rather than simply ask if men out-earn or radically outnumber women at a particular company (though the complete blog post offers data on these questions too), Glassdoor also focused on satisfaction, comparing how male employees' feelings about 25 large tech companies matched up with those of their female colleagues. If women and men are equally pleased to be working at a given organization, that has to say something positive about the environment for female employees, the thinking went.

So which companies came out of this comparison looking like particularly attractive employers for women engineers wondering where to take their in-demand skills? Four companies of the 25 stood out as having female employees that were actually more satisfied with their jobs and the company as a whole than were their male counterparts.

Which firms earned this distinction? Check them out below, along with an average salary figure for a similar engineer role for both genders when provided by Glassdoor.

  1. Texas Instruments
  2. Epic Systems (Women: $87,742; Men: $90,000)
  3. Hewlett-Packard (Women: $91,730; Men: $96,423)
  4. Intel (Women: $89,736; Men: $88,649)

Another group of six companies did very well in the head-to-head comparison of the genders' satisfaction numbers, coming out exactly equal. Here are the firms in which women and men reported being equally happy:

  1. Dell
  2. IBM
  3. Twitter
  4. Oracle (Women: $99,748; Men: $105,759)
  5. Qualcomm (Women: $84,231; Men: $88,665)
  6. Yahoo (Women: $105,000; Men: $103,600)

It's worth bearing in mind that the satisfaction numbers are only comparative--a company did well if scores were equal across the genders, but it's completely possible that the numbers might be equally low (i.e., both women and men agree its not a great place to work). If you're looking for more data on how the companies rank among one another or are curious about the other 15 companies where men are more satisfied than women, then check out the complete blog post outlining the findings for additional details.