In New York City, it's a job-seeker's market for those with tech skills, tech-oriented recruiting platform told when the company launched in the city earlier this year. Just how in demand are top techies? There were 5,000 unfilled tech jobs in the Big Apple as of April.

That means, of course, that those with the right skills have their pick of employers and can vote with their feet, picking and choosing the coolest companies among the city's startups. Where do they choose to go?

Since it expanded its presence in New York, Hired has been collecting data on which employers are most in demand among those using the site. Based on 6,000 interview requests and 3,000 first-round interviews with 250 companies, Hired recently worked up a ranking of the most attractive startups for the tech talent with several years of experience that the company targets.

"This list is based on Hired candidates' acceptance rates of interview requests from New York-based startups and their ratings from their first round interviews with them," co-founder and CEO Matt Mickiewicz explained to "Based on this data, these are the top startups that Hired candidates find the most desirable to work for in NYC." Who made the Top 10?

Does this ranking reveal any trends in what attracts hard-to-hire techies? Yup, responds Mickiewicz. Being a bit further along in your startup journey definitely seems to help. "Sixty percent of this list are Series B companies; 30 percent Series A, and one seed stage," he notes.

What else do you think sets apart these hot employers from the rest of the pack?