Changing your habits is hard. Really hard. Maybe that's why there are so many experts offering advice on exactly how to approach your quest for a better lifestyle.

No doubt many of these tips are helpful, but as with any difficult endeavor, from constructing a house to winning a golf game, technique is only half the battle. You also need the right tools. Arguably, you can become more productive or start exercising with whatever you have on hand right now. But if a particular gadget or app can make it easier to get started on your new habit, why not give it a try?

And if anyone knows which tools are worth a shot, it's Product Hunt. The app review site recently released a massive list of the best productivity tools out there, including in the roundup a handful of promising-sounding products that help you track your goals and form new habits. If you're looking to quit a bad behavior or make a healthy change, check them out:

1. DayDeed

"This tool is built to nudge you into positive habit building by using reward-or-punishment UX design," Product Hunt says of DayDeed.

2. Momentum

Momentum uses "Jerry Seinfeld's productivity hack ('Don't Break the Chain') to change your habits for the better." Here's more on the comedian's technique.

3. Productivity

Productivity is "a robust personal time tracker for habits and goals. Measure your daily and lifetime productivity based on how much of what you say you're going to do actually gets done," explains Product Hunt.

4. Proud

Proud "helps you break down tasks to achieve big goals, use timers based on the popular Pomodoro technique, and decompress in the more stressful moments of your life."

5. Moodnotes

Breaking or forming new habits often involves pinpointing the emotional triggers that cause you to act the way you do. Which is what makes Moodnotes seem like such a useful idea. With it you can "capture your mood and improve your thinking habits," promises Product Hunt.

6. Habit List

Going all in for a massive lifestyle change? Try Habit List to "track multiple habit changes at once and discover your habit-changing trends."

7. Productive for iOS

This one is for Apple fans. "Organize your life and build great habits with this robust tracking tool. The UX is stunning, as well (especially if you geek out about fancy icons and color palettes)," writes Product Hunt.

Looking for the best productivity apps in other categories, such as project management and time tracking tools? Check out Product Hunt's complete list.