Twitter doesn't have the best reputation these days. Even the company's CEO, Jack Dorsey, admitted at TED this week that the site is a breeding ground of hate speech, flame wars, and bullying.

"It's a pretty terrible situation when you're coming to a service where, ideally, you want to learn something about the world, and you spend a majority of your time reporting abuse, receiving harassment," Dorsey said.  

But in the midst of the ugliness, the platform does have its moments of beauty and real human connection. Take when Politico reporter Dan Diamond took to Twitter this week to ask a simple question.

Thousands of answers poured in. They range from the profound to the hilarious to a role call of nostalgic dad jokes that will remind many of the awkward beauty and hilarity of having weird but wise parents. The response even surprised a Twitter veteran like Diamond.

It might just restore your faith in humanity -- or failing that at least your faith that social media can sometimes do as its founders promise and actually connect people for good. At the very least it will remind you of some home truths and crack you up. Here's a sample of some of the best responses in both categories:

This is a more or less random sample as there are so many gems in the thread. If you want sensible advice on everything from what color to paint your walls (answer: one shade lighter than you think you should) to what essential but overlooked life skills you should learn (answer: typing), as well as words of wisdom on everything from business to relationships, check out the complete thread.

It is pretty much guaranteed to be the happiest Twitter has made you in awhile.