"Professional runners take long breaks between marathons. They make no excuses for this, and no one judges them for it, because everyone knows that rest and recuperation is an essential part of being a pro athlete," founder Seth Bannon has pointed out on his blog.

"The same is true for entrepreneurs (and everyone, really). Preventing burnout is part of your job," he concludes. 

Study after study (and Sir Richard Branson) confirm Bannon is right. Getting away for adequate rest boosts productivity and creativity, increases motivation, and even improves your likelihood of getting a raise.

So consider it your duty to kick back this Memorial Day weekend. You're going to need a page turner or two to pass the time while you relax in that sun lounger or lawn chair. Amazon's editors have you covered.

 "A timely, thrilling account of a man who, as an explorer, dared to lead the first successful expedition down the Colorado through the Grand Canyon--and, as an American visionary, waged a bitterly-contested campaign for environmental sustainability in the American West," is Amazon's description of this title. It combines the pacing of a thriller with a subtle environmental message. Nature called it "a bold study of an eco-visionary at a watershed moment in US history."

2. Spymaster by Brad Thor

The latest in the bestselling Scot Harvath spy series echoes eerily with the real world headlines: the Russians are secretly plotting to draw the U.S. into a war by attacking a small neighboring nation. It's Harvath's job to stop them. "If you have never read a Brad Thor novel, this is the place to start!" enthuses Amazon. 

If 007 hi-jinks aren't your thing, then try this classic whodunit from the author of three previous bestsellers. "Ware's novels continue to evoke comparison to Agatha Christie; they certainly have that classic flavor despite the contemporary settings. Expertly paced, expertly crafted," said Kirkus Reviews. Amazon coins the word "unputdownable" to describe it.

4.  The Moscow Offensive by Dale Brown

Another timely novel in which plotting Russians serve as the villain. This one features an incompetent U.S. president and twelve-foot-tall humanoid combat robots to offer over-the-top thrills. Critics called it compelling, fast-paced, current, and full of "bone-crunching action." If you like bullets and battles, this one might be for you.

5. Homeplace by John Lingan

On the other end of the whiz bang explosion spectrum this last non-fiction pick, offering "an intimate account of country music, social change, and a vanishing way of life as a Shenandoah town collides with the twenty-first century," according to Amazon. "You end Homeplace thinking that every American town could use a book like this one written about it," wrote the New York Times Book Review.

What books will be in your beach bag this weekend?