You've opened a new business. Great, but you have no customers. What do you do? Unless yours is the sort of business that can literally open its doors and stick a sign on the pavement, the answer is probably to send some emails.

Complaining about email might be the national sport of cubicle nation, but as several of my colleagues have pointed out, it nonetheless remains the go-to sales technique for tons of start-ups and small businesses. Email is cheap and flexible, but if you want to avoid being yet another source of annoyance in your prospect's inbox, you need to do it well.

What does that mean? There are lots and lots of tips available out there on perfecting your email marketing, but in a forthcoming book, Peter Kazanjy, co-founder of start-up TalentBin, which was acquired by Monster, goes a step further than most of those offering advice. He doesn't offer suggestions; he offers actual emails.

Introducing an excerpt of the book that appeared on First Round Review, Kazanjy writes: "I... know it's not enough to suggest the type of things people should say to clients. That's why I've shared a number of examples of actual emails... that have worked for us. You can take these and mold them to your own tone and value proposition, but if you're looking for a starting point to get these conversations rolling, you've come to the right place."

What will you find in the complete excerpt? Besides a fair bit of advice on how to best customize TalentBin's emails for your own business, you'llactual templates such as this short and sweet ask for further discussion of your solution:

SUBJECT LINE: Hey {{First Name}}! The magical solution to your technical recruiting headaches.

Hey {{First Name}},

I hope you're having a great day!

It's {{User.FIRSTNAME}} at TalentBin, and I'm reaching out because I have something that I think help make hiring all those Ruby, iOS, and Java roles I see on your career page.

If you're like most technical recruiters we work with (we have thousands of customers), you're probably frustrated by the poor LinkedIn profiles of most developers, the fact that they don't respond to InMails, and that it all just takes way too much time. Super frustrating.

The good news is, TalentBin is designed specifically to reduce that time and drudgery via automation, so you can spend more of your time having great candidate conversations and selling them on working at {{CompanyName}}. Which is what recruiting is all about, right?

You see, TalentBin is a talent search engine that helps recruiter find and reach out to fantastic technical talent based on the activity they demonstrate on places like Github, Stack Overflow, Twitter, Meetup, the US Patent Database, and more. More here:

I'd love to show you how we might be able to help you find qualified technical candidates for your open positions and hire more and better technical staff, faster, with less work on your part.

Do you have 20 minutes next week? What times work for you? Feel free to reply to this email, or you can ring me directly at {{User.BIZ_PHONE}}.



Intrigued? There are several more email templates along these lines available in the excerpt, as well as cold-calling scripts and other general sales wisdom from a founder who's recently been in the trenches.