These days, no one suffers from a shortage of reading material. From great online content to endless book recommendations and must-read lists, most of us struggle to fit in all the reading we want to do rather than locate cool stuff to check out.

One solution is to read more. (You can do it no matter your schedule. Here are tips.) But another approach is to read strategically, by getting more out of each title you choose and choosing titles more carefully. If that's your approach, a recent article by Susie Moore on Greatist is for you.

In the piece, Moore, who had a rough start in life, relates how she began reading self-help books and explains just how big an impact the hundreds she's consumed have had on her. "The strength given to me by the books I've read vastly outweighs any other source of influence in my life," she insists.

But the best part of the post for those who are interested in the wisdom that the best of the genre has to offer but skeptical that they have the time to get through hundreds of self-help books is a section where Moore boils down what she's learned into just five simple lessons. Here are a few nuggets, but if you're intrigued, check out the complete post.

1. Take responsibility for your life.

"To create the life you want, you have to take sole responsibility for it. Forget your parents, your exes, the opportunities (or lack thereof) you were given. Your life's direction is entirely up to you," Moore insists.

2. You can be whatever you want.

"The extent to which you use your gifts and capabilities is up to you," writes Moore, "but they exist to be shared and to serve others. You have an obligation to be who your heart knows you can be." No need to ask for permission then.

3. Your thoughts are all important.

"Feel like sh*t? It's because of what you are thinking in that moment (probably fear- or guilt-based thoughts). Feel elated? It's because of what you are thinking in that moment (probably gratitude or satisfaction with the world)," explains Moore. The good news, she points out, is you can change your thoughts.

4. Love yourself.

"You do not need to do, have, be anything different to be worthy of love. You are worthy simply because you exist." Amen.

5. There is a higher power at work.

Not everyone will agree with this one -- and we certainly won't all agree about the specifics -- but according to the self-help canon, you should simply "do your best work and trust in a power that is bigger than you."