In much of the country, autumn is in full swing with gorgeous fall foliage and lovely crisp nights. But if you live in the north, you know what's coming.

There's nothing you can do to stop winter from setting in, but if the thought of another season of polar vortices and local news broadcasts about "snowmageddon" has you dreading the months ahead, perhaps there is another option for some lucky business owners and freelancers.

Why not skip winter this year?

That was the ambitious-sounding suggestion of author Chelsea Rustrum on online coworking magazine deskmag recently. In the post she writes about her experiences with various programs offering to give founders from a break from the bleak winter months by organizing working trips to warmer locales.

"Coworking Camp," for instance, "mashes up coworking, networking with leaders from around the globe, and inhabiting the same resort for six weeks spanning from November 3rd until December 15th. While the camp lasts 6+ weeks, founders and teams can come for 1-6 weeks, depending on their schedule," she writes, adding, "In 2012, I led a similar group--although a smaller consortium in Ubud, Bali, called Startup Abroad."

Don't just go for the tan

The idea might sound crazily impractical (and for founders with kids in school or other common life constraints, without a whole lot of planning and prep it probably is), but Rustrum points out the benefits aren't just a tan and a lengthy break from your snow shovel. "There is a reason that light-bulb moments often occur in the shower--the brain is relaxed, distracted, and producing more dopamine than normal. When you're doing something new, the mind is able to map connections and see new potentials. That's why travel is a breeding ground for creativity," she says.

She's not alone in touting the benefits of travel for founders and freelancers. Research shows that experience living abroad is tied to entrepreneurship, and some adventurous startups have taken this wisdom to heart, relocating their whole teams to sunnier (and often cheaper) climes and reporting several benefits to such radical location changes. The option, it should be noted, isn't limited to sun worshippers looking to avoid wintery weather. Here's the story of one entrepreneur who decamped for the arctic for a year and found the experience inspirational.

Nice work if you can get it

Of course, as already mentioned, this is hardly an option for everyone, but Rustrum insists the costs are probably more manageable than you might imagine. "Even bootstrapped entrepreneurs can afford the camp, as it's only 250 for one week or 600 for the whole time plus the discounted nightly rate for the hotel, and the cost airport transfers. Since it's off-season in Turkey, the each person can have their own en suite for a mere 27 a night, all inclusive," she says of the Coworking Camp program.

Not particularly keen on visiting Turkey? There are other options, according to Rustrum: "Similar events are currently running under the umbrella of the Coworking Camp in Cairo, or in Andalucia and Barcelona hosted by SunnyOffice." Or choose a destination and build your own adventure.