If it's a slow news day, there's at least one subject I can always blog about -- the benefits of naps. Why? A steady drumbeat of science, expert opinion, and corporate experience keeps adding evidence to the already towering pile showing that a short snooze (particularly when we're dragging in the afternoon) boosts productivity, sharpens the mind, decreases office nastiness, and generally feels awesome.

But despite the open-and-shut case for allowing employees to nap, for lost of folks logistical hassles remain. Even if your boss is enlightened about sleeping on the job (or you are your own boss), where can you physically sleep? Putting your head on your desk is uncomfortable and weird for your colleagues, and relatively few offices offer facilities to slink away and get some shut eye in a separate room of space-hogging "nap pod".

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One Greek designer may have found a solution. If you'd like to snooze at work, Athanasia Leivaditou has a desk for you. Her clever piece of office kit converts from a sleek, standard desk into a contained but comfy place to sleep, with the back folding down to create a mattress, and the side inclining to allow you to rest your head.

The invention was highlighted on Fast Company recently. "The main concept came after I saw my classmates put chairs together in order to have a power nap while they were struggling between deadlines," Leivaditou told the site via email.

She goes on to say her solution could help not only students (or startup employees) pulling all-nighters, but those who simply work long or strange hours. Useful as it might be for lots of entrepreneurs facing crazy workweeks, her desk/ personal nap room isn't on the market yet.

"We mostly design things in order to demonstrate concepts and express potential needs," she told Fast Company. Now hopefully some clever furniture manufacturer will get the message and run with the idea.

Nap fans, how do you manage the logistics of your at-the-office snoozes?