Life coaching can be one of the best investments in your life. The best coaches will provide you with a framework and safe environment to explore your biggest fears and assist you in manifesting your dreams. They will help you move through your fears. They will support you in taking leaps of faith to build a bigger, brighter future.

The beauty, and sometimes overwhelming aspect, of coaching is that there are no industry standards. There are a multitude of philosophies and approaches to coaching. It is up to you to pick the right person to coach you. The right coach for you may be different than the right coach for your best friend or a successful colleague. So, how do you pick the BEST life coach for YOU?

Before investing any time in selecting the best coach, it is critical for you to ask yourself one simple question. Are you truly ready to change? The single, most important part of any successful coaching relationship is whether you are ready to change. You need to be ready to do the work. The best coaches in the world cannot work their magic if you are not ready. Don't waste your time, and money, if you aren't ready for change in your life.

When you are truly ready to make changes in your life, here are some key questions to consider to find the coach who will be right for you. We are talking about YOUR life! Take the time to make sure you align yourself with the best person to support you.

1. What is it I want to accomplish?
Know what success looks like with your coaching relationship. You may have specific goals or your goal may be to get more clarity around your goals. Be clear on what you want to accomplish to invest your energy in the most beneficial way.

2. What kind of coach do I need?
There are a variety of coaches, who fall under titles such as executive coach, nutritional coach, spiritual guide, healer, holistic coach, or life coach.

Some focus on business, relationships, health and wellness, or life in general. Set a clear intention to find the most perfect coach for you. Know what is important to you and look for that in your coach.

My life shucking technique focuses on internal healing and expanding into love while achieving external results to be your best possible self. This holistic approach spans all aspects of life. While this is perfect for my clients, it is not right for everyone. Other coaches I respect, Rachel Langer, Carolyn Freyer-Jones, and Steve Chandler, have their own unique approaches. Find what works for you.

3. How much am I willing to invest?
To be successful you need to be ready to invest time, money, and emotional equity. The more committed you are to the process, the more results you'll accomplish. This looks different for everyone, have an idea of how much you're willing to spend, and how much time and energy you are willing--and have - to commit.

4. Do I prefer structure or customized approach for me?
Some coaches have detailed programs to step you through a particular goal in a very structured manner. Others, like myself, work from a more intuitive place and draw upon a toolkit built over years to customize the coaching experience for the individual. Both approaches can be wildly successful. Trust yourself in picking the approach that works for you.

5. What results have they achieved with other clients?
Check references. Do you like the results they have achieved with their other clients? Are those the types of results you are looking for? While results will vary on the individual, you can see what the coach values. If the coach has a list of clients who made their first million and that is your goal, then it may be the perfect fit. If you are looking for more inner peace, a list of people who have made millions might not be the right coach for you. Other coaches may assist in delivering inner peace AND financial abundance! (Yes, you can have both!!)

6. What results have they achieved in their own life?
Does the coach live the type of life you respect? If you are looking for peace in your life, does your coach give you the sense of serenity? Is your goal more confidence and they exude strength? Are they using their own tools to manifest their dreams? While your coach may not live exactly the same way as you in the physical realm, they may just have something inside, like clarity of purpose, which is your greatest desire.

7. Is the coach giving me advice?
You have all the inner resources you need to solve even your most complicated problems. While it may feel good in the short term to have someone answer the questions for you for a variety of reasons, the best coaches will provide you with a safe environment and framework to guide you to the answers within your heart. This also allows you to build the skills you need when your coach is not around.

8. Do I have chemistry with the coach?
You are going to spend your valuable time with your coach. Do you actually like them as a person? Do you trust them? You need a coach you trust to open up to and really get to the heart of the matter. The more open and authentic you can be, the more you will get out of the relationship with your coach. If you do not trust them, trust yourself - and select another person.

9. Does this coach have a coach?
Does your coach value coaching? While a coach has the tools to do the work, there is always value to a coach having an outside perspective to assist them in seeing their opportunities more quickly. We all have opportunities to evolve. You want a coach that has humility to admit that they don't necessarily have every answer, and who makes their own commitment to do the work to be the best they possibly can be!

10. What does my heart say?
The most important variable in it all is what your heart is telling you. Does your heart sing in thinking about working with this individual? On the days you meet resistance, is this the person you want by your side? Choosing the best coach for you is perfect opportunity to practice making decisions with your heart and trusting yourself.

Hiring the best life coach is an important decision. Use these questions to guide you to find the right coach for you. Remember, what is important for you is unique to you. This is your life and you want the right support system to make it the best it can be!!!

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