The idea was ingenious. The timing was perfect. This is not just my ego talking. Well, not entirely. I know this to be true because Little Passports is a thriving business today. Stella Ma and Amy Norman had the same idea of bringing the travel experience to families in the comfort of their own home to create global citizens and celebrate all cultures. The difference? Their company is a monster success (and I congratulate them immensely for it), and my idea is sitting on a shelf collecting dust.

If the idea and timing were right, why did my idea go on the shelf instead of going to market? The problem was me. I got in my own way of success. More specifically, the beliefs I was operating under held me back from success.

You live your life based on belief systems learned from various sources including, but not limited to, your well-intentioned parents and society. As you grow, some of these ideas stop serving you and start to be impediments in your life. Your beliefs need to be updated to reflect who you are and what is important to you today, since your thoughts create your reality. Once you create the new belief it is a matter of practicing that new way of being to manifest your desires.

In my case, there were three main beliefs, among others that deserve Academy Awards for supporting roles, which held me back from pursuing my dream. I share my old and new beliefs in hopes that my experience helps you identify what may be blocking your success before your idea sits on the shelf next to mine.

I will also take you through the art of shucking to help you work through a specific issue on your own today.

1. Over-responsibility

I thought I had to do EVERYTHING on my own. I had to develop the idea. I had to fund the idea. Heck, there was even a point where I considered learning how to program so I could build the actual product myself.

Old Belief: I cannot trust others will be there to help me make my dream a reality.

New Belief: I trust others to shine in their greatness. I trust the universe to provide exactly what I need when I need it, assuming it is in my highest good. The result is I am receiving so much support in such unexpected ways every day of my life!

2. Fear of success

I was afraid of success. I remember the precise moment I knew with every fiber of my body the idea was going to be big. Coincidentally this is also when I started to play small and sabotage myself. I was absolutely terrified of the idea of being seen at that point in my life. In my mind, a successful company would put me in the spotlight and I was nowhere near ready for that.

Old Belief: I am unsafe if I am seen.

New Belief: I am safe when the world sees me. Clearly, this is no longer an issue, as I am now in the public eye all the time.

3. Scarcity mentality

I was just starting the building process, with at least a few months before going to market, when I learned Little Passports had launched. I thought there was no way I could compete with such a similar idea.

Old Belief: There was only enough demand in the market for one company.

New Belief: Scarcity is BS. Life is abundant. When you align with and follow your heart, the right people and situations will be attracted into your life. In the old mentality I would have said there were too many life coaches, especially in Southern California, and stayed in my corporate job. Instead I launched my Life Shucker business. The perfect number of clients has shown up in my life and I jump out of bed every day because I LOVE what I do.


The Art of Shucking
Now let's look at your business and your life, to see how you can make changes to manifest your dreams. Here are the steps to help you open the shell of old beliefs holding you back from shining your pearls, and ultimately, creating success.

  1. Identify an issue you'd like to work through. An example could be trouble with funding.
  1. Determine what belief system(s) might be related to the issue you are experiencing. This is an opportunity to challenge everything you know to be true.

If you are having trouble with funding, a good place to start is listing any beliefs around money. Perhaps you think money is evil or that money is limited. Our thoughts create our realty. If you think money is evil, why would it come into your life? The same is true with scarcity. If you think money is limited, it will be. Remember, scarcity in BS.

Another possibility is whether you truly want the funding. Is there something inside of you that really wants to be doing something else? The world will work its magic to make sure that happens. Be truthful with yourself. Then be truthful with those around you.

Sometimes it is challenging to see your own belief systems, since they are ingrained in your life. I encourage you to seek support from a life coach, mentor, or friend. An outside perspective can offer you a new perspective.

  1. Create a new belief that supports you in the direction you want to go. Build an affirmation that you can use to focus on the new belief.

One affirmation to assist you in receiving funding could be: "The perfect amount of funding has arrived at the perfect time."

  1. Repeat. Repeat. Repeat. Practice makes perfect. Keep practicing your new belief by repeating your affirmation. Notice when you find yourself using your old belief system. Be conscious of the new belief and it will eventually become part of the way you live.
  1. Practice gratitude. Gratitude is the key to life. Be thankful for everything in your life: The good, the bad, and the ugly. You are given only what you can handle, and growth comes from life's challenges.

For support in identifying your limiting beliefs please reach out to me directly.