Knowledge is not just power.  Knowledge leads you to inspiration, humility, empowerment, healing, and ultimately, it can lead you to peace.  This is from the man who has brought knowledge to over billion households through his global media and entertainment platform Discovery Communications. This man is John Hendricks.

The inspiration for Discovery Communications came from watching 16mm films as a college student.  Hendricks' curiosity made him ask why these productions were not on television.  This curiosity, sparked by a little knowledge, led to what we know of today as The Discovery Channel, TLC, and Animal Planet.

Through knowledge, Hendricks shared, he has also found humility. The old adage of "the more you know, the more you realize you don't know" encourages Hendricks to continually learn. To support this passion of learning, he has created even more ventures - Gateway Canyons Resort & Spa enables people to learn about nature and history first hand, and Curiosity Retreats bring together the best minds of our time every year at Gateway Canyons Resort & Spa (yes, you can attend this October!), or there's also another option, as Curiosity Stream brings the best science and history documentaries right to your home or device.

For Hendricks, the idea of empowerment coming from knowledge was from an early entrepreneurial lesson. When Hendricks first started Discovery Communications he had to raise money. As a young, independent and determined man, asking people for help was new territory. What shifted it all was when he realized: he was not just asking for help, he was giving the investors just as much as he was receiving. In this case, he ended up giving a lot, as investors received a handsome payoff for their initial investment. Discovery Communications is now worth well over $10 billion. This shift in thinking was completely empowering for a young man building a business that would impact the lives of billions of people - in addition to providing a very healthy return.

Hendricks also sees knowledge as a healing power. Most of us can agree that stress leads to many of our health problems today. Hendricks considers one of the best ways in reducing your stress is through education. Educate yourself on the possible solutions of the issues you are worried about. Educate yourself on ways of reducing stress. Reduce your stress and improve your health.

Knowledge also brings peace to our world. Hendricks strongly believes that when you take the time to educate yourself around different perspectives in the world it is hard to take a particular point of view. It does not necessarily mean you agree with someone's beliefs or decisions. It does mean you can be more empathic. You can have more respect for each person and their belief systems and understand where they are coming from. It is that desire to understand and connect with each other that can truly bring peace to our world.

Where has knowledge impacted your life? What knowledge are you seeking today? What knowledge might be seeking you? Make a commitment to continually learn to bring more inspiration, humility, empowerment, healing, and peace into your life - and not just power.