"Do you want your 40's to be good or bad?" Adam Zbar's doctor asked pointedly. These words pierced his heart when the doctor told him that all his blood pressure and heart rate were going in the wrong direction. He had just sold his first company, Tap11, to the founders of YouTube. Zbar should be celebrating life instead of fearing it. He had a simple choice to alter the trajectory of his life--change his diet.

Zbar gained 50 pounds while focusing on Tap11 instead of his health. To change his diet, and life, he decided to go back to the basics by always eating breakfast, reducing portion sizes, and eating whole foods. He also added 45 minutes of jogging back into his daily routine.

Within four months Zbar dropped all the extra weight and his vitals were back to normal. He also found more energy, more stability in his moods, and a more positive approach in life.

This experience inspired Zbar to start Sun Basket--organic, non-GMO pre-measured flavorful meals delivered directly to your door that you can prepare in 30 minutes for a mere $12 a meal. (Currently delivery is on the west coast and expanding nationwide.)

Zbar has always had a passion for cooking, and with his renewed passion for health, Sun Basket was a natural fit. Not to mention the market opportunity of building a $100M business with only 45,000 subscribers.

Since Zbar is building a business based on passion it has been easy to attract top talent. James Beard awarding winning chef Justine Kelly, from San Francisco's famed Slanted Door, is creating the delicious menus along with a top team including Don Barnett, COO (co-founder organicgirl), George Nachtrieb, Community (Delicious.com), and Matt O'Meara, Product (co-founder Open Table).

Everyone involved in Sun Basket is there because they believe in serving the world. They believe healthy food, that is full of flavor and easy to prepare, is one of the best places to start. Their passion is turning to success quickly. In just over nine months, Sun Basket has grown over 17% per week, has over 150 employees, and is shipping to over 1400 zip codes. And Zbar is still at his ideal weight and living a healthy lifestyle!

Are you looking to be healthier? Here are Zbar's health tips to create your own success.

  1. Make yourself your priority. It is often easier to put everything else ahead of your health such as your family, employees, or investors. It is rare that people put themselves on their own priority list. You have to take care of yourself first before you can take care of anything else.
  2. Eat mindfully. Slow down and enjoy your food. Taste the flavors. Allow your body the time to digest properly. To be more mindful try eating with your opposite hand and chew each bite a minimum of twenty times.
  3. Eat for nourishment. Zbar used to eat emotionally which meant a lot of late night burgers and friends when stress was high. Now he eats to nourish his body. He makes a conscious choice that everything that goes into his body is full of nutrients. Healthy food nourishes the body, and the soul.
  4. Eat whole foods. Zbar cut out processed foods and it made a tremendous impact to his health. The best rule of thumb is - if you can't pronounce the ingredients -- don't eat it.
  5. Eat breakfast. Many people skip breakfast because they don't make the time or they think it will help them cut calories. It is critical to eat breakfast to get your metabolism kick started and manage your appetite for the rest of the day.

You can get your health back on track with these simple steps. Be gentle with yourself as you start to make the changes. Set goals that you can achieve. Build off of the accomplishments. Before you know it, your doctor will be telling you the next decade of your life will be the best one yet!