In 2015, women started over 800 new businesses a day in the United States. It is not surprising women are being drawn to start their own businesses as vehicles for transformation and opportunity. Women can generate income and create work/life balance with flexible working hours by building a business around something they love.

Did you also know that women running businesses in developing nations are a vehicle for transforming lives in a global way as well?

Research shows the most politically unstable countries have the most impoverished women. By giving women in developing nations support to build their own businesses, important social and political changes are taking place. Empowering women through entrepreneurship is such an important opportunity; a new "movement" has even been launched, called "Women United for Change".

Women United for Change is a global group comprised of successful female entrepreneurs whose lives have been transformed through having businesses. They believe so strongly in the power of entrepreneurship for women, they are using their networks and influence to raise awareness and funding so women in developing countries can also start businesses.

Women United for Change has partnered with Project Concern International (PCI), a San Diego based non-profit organization with aid programs in 17 countries. Through PCI's "Women Empowered" (WE) program, they help women in developing countries learn invaluable financial, literacy and leadership skills, and start micro-businesses that bring in much needed income.

Women use this income to feed and educate their children and improve living conditions within their own communities. PCI reports other positive changes for WE members as well, including increases in self-confidence and self-esteem, a decrease in domestic violence, and some of their members taking on bigger leadership roles in their local communities and even governments.

It costs only $50 for a woman to take part in 18 months of training through the Women Empowered program, and the results extend far beyond improving conditions within just their immediate families. These women are becoming agents of economic and social change within their communities, and contributing in ways that are gradually transforming their countries from the inside out.

To learn more about Women United for Change and how women are collaborating to create powerful change through entrepreneurship, check out this upcoming virtual event on November 23rd at 8PM ET.