Gone are the days of working 9 to 5 to make a living. Today, 67 percent of the Millennial work force is looking for flexible schedules to create work-life balance. By 2020, 50 percent of the work force will be made up of Millennials, making it critical for management to understand the needs and meet the demands of a flexible work force.

As a leader, you know how much time and money is invested in recruiting top talent. So how can leaders build a flexible work force without creating more work for the organization?

Sam Yagan, former CEO of Match.com and now a board member at the company, has capitalized on building a community to connect people for love based on each individual's criteria. Now, Yagan is invested in extending the same model to the work force--connecting employers and employees based on unique requirements, including flexible schedules, in a central marketplace called Shiftgig.

Shiftgig co-founder and CEO Eddie Lou, knows the changing demands of the Millennial work force. He built Shiftgig knowing people should be able to work when, where, and how they choose.

Lou says, "Shiftgig is a people-centered marketplace that connects people to shifts on a mobile device. Shiftgig collects hiring manager requirements, worker skills, and mobile data to enable smarter and more-timely matches. Workers select shifts on their terms, choosing when, where, and for which top local employers they want to work. Hiring managers get a technology-powered solution that helps them manage business growth and seasonal labor challenges quickly and reliably. They have peace of mind that the right person is doing the right job--whether it is one person or 100."

Shiftgig is currently focused on the food service, event, hotel, and retail industries and is supporting over 500 businesses across eight states.

While Shiftgig may not be in your space yet, there is a lot you can learn from their vision in meeting the needs of Millennials. You can start by asking your own team what is important to them. Look at companies like Google and Apple, which have mastered building cultures for Millennials. What are they doing differently?

Instead of forcing Millennials into existing models, Shiftgig is building a model that suits their needs. Know where you stand with what is important for Millennials. Make the necessary changes. You'll attract and retain the top Millennial talent, while others wait for Millennials to mold to their requirements, keeping your costs down and your success growing.