You are ready for change in your life, and business, and not exactly sure where to start. Affirmations are a simple, yet powerful, technique the best life coaches use to help people transform their lives.

An affirmation is a statement focusing on a quality or behavior that you want to experience in your life or business. Think confidence or inner peace.

Where your attention goes energy flows. Focusing on the affirmation multiple times a day teaches you a new way of being. It also supports you in breaking through any limiting beliefs that are holding you back from living your most fulfilling life.

Less than two years ago I was working on finding my voice. The affirmation I focused on was, "I am listening to, loving, and trusting my inner voice and speaking up for the world to hear." Given my voice is now being shared by Inc. and the Huffington Post I'd say affirmations are effective.

There is no formula of how long it will take and what may come of it. Never in a million years did I imagine writing for a major publication at that time in my life. Be open to the possibilities. Be patient and gentle with yourself through the change. Over time you will start to see a shift in yourself and ultimately, the world around you.

Here is how to create your own affirmation:

1. Pick a quality or behavior you'd like to experience in your life.

Trust, confidence, joy, inner peace, balance, acceptance, surrender, empowerment, and generosity are a few to consider.

2. Create a specific statement using the present tense, positive verbiage, and vibrant language.

  • PRESENT TENSE: Acting as if it is already happening creates the energy you need to make it a reality.

Great: I am trusting my intuition to guide me as a leader.

Not so great: I will trust my intuition to guide me as a leader.

  • POSITIVE VERBIAGE: This ensures you are focusing on what you really want to manifest instead of what you want to avoid.

Super helpful: I am confidently expressing my views to the world.

Not as helpful: I am not nervous when speaking publicly.

  • VIBRANT LANGUAGE: This builds the energy behind it and encourages you to stick with it.

Amazing: I am feeling an abundance of joy with every step I take in life.

Partially amazing: I am happy.

Other affirmation examples include:

  • I am confident in my mission and my path as a leader.
  • I am feeling inner peace making decisions based on my values and priorities.
  • I am balanced focusing on my personal and professional goals.
  • I am accepting myself, and everyone around me, for everything we are.
  • I am accepting the responsibilities gifted to me in this lifetime with confidence and gratitude.
  • I am surrendering to the world to soar in my greatness and inspire others to follow their dreams.
  • I am empowered to create the life I want to live.
  • I am generously sharing my gifts with the world and encouraging others to do the same.
  • I am aligned with my passion and allowing the universe to guide me.
  • I am creatively turning perceived problems into opportunities.

3. Repeat. Repeat. Repeat. Review your affirmation multiple times a day. Add a daily reminder to your phone. Put a sticky note in your car or at your desk. Bring out your creative side and make artwork you can hang in your house. The fridge is not just for kids! As entrepreneurs you all know how to think big so why not hire a plane, or use your own, to pass your house with your affirmation trailing it?!? Think big! You are worthy of experiencing the life you want to live!!!

As a leader I encourage you to share your affirmation with your organization. Some may think this is showing weakness admitting there is even something to change. I see it as demonstrating strength by showing your organization you are continually working on being the best leader, and ultimately person, possible. It will inspire them to do the same.

You can even encourage your organization to focus on their personal growth by asking everyone to create affirmations. Make affirmations part of your culture by asking people to post it at their desk, add it to their e-mail signature, or start meetings with sharing affirmations to create an environment that supports everyone's growth. At the end of the day that is why we are all here. To grow into the best we possibly can be and make this world an even better place!