The new Twitter profiles are finally here--and boy, do they look a lot like Pinterest. They retained a bit of the old Twitter flavor, but look admittedly splashier with all those big photos and media embeds. Here's a quick primer for the uninitiated, or those, who like me, rarely visit their profile page unless they're changing their photo. As an aside, anyone can switch to the new design as of April 22.  

A New You 

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Want your brand to be larger than life? You got it. The new profile makes everything big, from the profile picture to the full-width header to the tweets themselves. Tweets get larger the more users engage with them, so don't be surprised if you're squinting to read some of the tweets that never gained traction. Most notably, the profile picture appears at the top left, along with other pertinent info such as your handle, bio, and when you signed up. Much in the way Facebook flaunts the date you joined, Twitter wants users to build up a habit that goes beyond the here and now, or just musing on news. 

The Big Picture 

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Pictures are everything on the new profile page, which means you'll have more than one opportunity to showcase your brand. (It also means you may want to do a little spring cleaning and delete anything you don't want your customers to see.) Photos appear right underneath your profile info, while a menu bar under your header allows visitors to peruse your following, followers, favorites, and lists, if they're public. Use the full header to show off your brand's logo or what you stand for. 


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Perhaps the most exciting addition to the roster of features is the ability to pin a tweet. Click on the little more menu in every tweet (a.k.a. those three dots), and select "Pin to your profile page" to make it happen. Everyone will see that tweet first when they come to your page, although you may want to keep this one updated, lest it go stale.