John Sculley wants to set the record straight. The former Apple CEO never fired Steve Jobs, and contrary to how Walter Isaacson depicted it in the book Jobs, Sculley wasn't directly responsible for ousting the visionary founder.

"Steve and I were really close friends," he told Inc. recently. Sculley, who became Apple's chief executive in 1983, made all the marketing decisions, while Jobs handled products. Trouble was, Jobs was facing setbacks after the Lisa computer flopped, and Apple was losing cash flow, owing to the failure of the Apple 3. Then Jobs suggested lowering the price of Mac Office by $500, Sculley says, which led the two to meet with the board and ... well, you know the rest.

"Even though he was young, the reality was I will always regret that I didn't try to bring Steve back into Apple, because, unquestionably, he turned out to be the world's greatest CEO," Sculley says.

For the full conversation, watch the video below: