It's tradition. Every April 1, startups and tech titans alike flood the Web with their gags. This year, they range from the topical (a selfie-snapping drone) to the downright hilarious (Airbnb for desks). Read on for some of the highlights, and feel free to share any of the pranks I may have missed in the comments. 


From the makers of the smartphone-controlled toy Sphero ball comes Selfiebot, a white plastic drone that hovers near you 24/7, waiting to snap the ultimate selfie. 

LinkedIn Cats You Might Know

Your network is always growing so why not connect with the feline population? "The purrfectly sleek design features large photos so you can clearly see which cool cat you're connecting to," says the social network.   

Gmail Shelfie 

Okay, I admit I fell for this one. Gmail users have always been able to make any image their background, but the new update allows anyone to make that wallpaper a selfie. Either upload an image or use Gmail's new selfie camera app to share it via email or Google+--that is, if you're still on it. 


You won't have to worry about a "XXX freak fest" if you take Airbnb up on its offer to rent your desk when you're away for lunch. 

Google Maps Pokemon Challenge 

This one's for the '90s kids.

Both Android and iOS Google Maps users can "collect" some 150 Pokemon monsters hidden all over the world. Tap the search bar at the top of Google Maps and click the Pokemon icon to visit the Pokemon lab in Google's Mountain View headquarters. 

Pokemon will appear on the screen, but it's on you to tap them and "capture" the monster after a prompt. You might want to check the "Pokedex" to see which ones you've found and need to find next, but dream on if you want to come work for Google as "Pokemon Master" or try the "Pokemon Challenge" virtual reality app. 

Published on: Apr 1, 2014