Turkey shortage or not, Americans won't be skimping on one thing this holiday, and that's pie.

According to data provided to Inc. by Goldbely, a San Francisco-based e-commerce site with $3 million in funding that delivers signature foods from regional shops, not only is pie the top Thanksgiving dessert, it also happens to be among the company's most-ordered items.

So what kind of pie does America want?

Well, Texas pecan pie--that gooey dessert named after the state tree--is tops, followed by sweet potato pie, and Michigan four-berry pie, which I've never heard of. PumPecApple pie cake--also known as the turducken of Thanksgiving sweets--took the No. 4 spot. 

Speaking of turducken, Goldbely had stats on that too. (For the uninitiated, turducken is the result of a deboned chicken stuffed into a deboned duck, which is in turn stuffed into a deboned turkey.) Sadly for this native Houstonian who prefers her meats whole, Texas is the No. 1 state stocking up on the dish via Goldbely, trailed by New York and then Pennsylvania. But don't knock Texans for trying to put food on the table--New York is the No. 1 state for outsourcing Thanksgiving dinners, followed by--you guessed it--California. 

Below are some fun stats gathered from Goldbely users: 

Top 10 Thanksgiving Desserts  

  1. Texas pecan pie
  2. Sweet potato pie
  3. Michigan four-berry pie
  4. PumPecApple pie cake
  5. Georgia pecan pie
  6. Caramel apple pie
  7. Prantl's burnt almond torte cake
  8. Seven-layer caramel cake
  9. Praline layer cake
  10. Cherry pie 

Top 10 Turducken-Buying States

  1. Texas
  2. New York
  3. Pennsylvania
  4. Ohio
  5. Florida
  6. Illinois
  7. California
  8. Maryland
  9. North Carolina
  10. Arizona 

Top Thanksgiving Outsourcing States 

  1. New York
  2. California
  3. Pennsylvania
  4. Florida
  5. Illinois
  6. Texas
  7. Ohio
  8. Arizona
  9. North Carolina
  10. Georgia 
Published on: Nov 20, 2014