With 313 million users worldwide and counting, you'd be a fool not to be on LinkedIn. But according to an infographic from LinkedIn, you might be overlooking one of the networking site's key features. Having a profile on LinkedIn is all about telling the world what you're good at. So why aren't more people using the Skills feature? Perhaps because they're not sure what to add. The people who are using that feature, however, offer an interesting look at how job seekers are presenting themselves. Here are a few of the unusual findings from LinkedIn's analysis:

Health Care Skills Remain Popular... 

But food preparation and knowing your way around a cash register are also popular skills to show off. In fact, cash register operation is the second most popular skill across LinkedIn's network. 

Non-IT Skills Matter 

American LinkedIn users are all about downstream oil, forklift operation, and medical-surgical skills, according to the infographic. But if you head south to Mexico, you'll find adult education is big (in addition to architecture, which is also popular in Turkey, Italy, and Argentina). The fastest-growing non-IT skills include CPR instruction, Zumba instruction, and being a barista. Who knew? 

Gadgets Gain Traction

Why list your professional skills when you can flaunt your mastery of Xbox One? According to the infographic, some users have taken to adding the gadgets they use to their professional skillset, including Google Glass, Rasberri Pi, and GoPro. If you have a gadget obsession, why not flaunt it?

Bosses, do you like to see these kinds of extra-curricular skills on applicants' resumes?

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