Video Transcript

00:11 JJ Ramberg: A lot of us think when we're trying to sell something that we should be getting the person we're trying to sell to, to like us. But Robert Cialdini who wrote an amazing book called "Influence" which you should all read actually says, "What you should do is figure out how you can like the customer 'cause if you like them, chances are they will like you in return." And so, the way you do this is to try and find something in common with them. If you know who they are before you're going to meet them, go do an internet search on them and see what you have in common.

00:39 JJ Ramberg: If you don't have that time and you're in their office, look around. Do they have a baseball bat? Is there a picture of some place that you've been to? Find something that you have in common so that you can talk about it. That will get you to like them, and it will develop a much better relationship and them to like you as well.