Video Transcript

00:12 JJ Ramberg: Almost everyone gets sort of the afternoon laziness or they start getting tired. They need to go get their coffee. So, what can you do to keep everyone excited throughout the day, motivated, efficient? Here are couple of ways. Andrew Shapiro who runs GreenOrder says what he does is he has a yoga break. Just five minutes, everybody gets up, they go on to the terrace, and they do some yoga together. And what this does is, [A] it gives everyone more energy and, [B] it also creates a kind of culture that he wanted to create in his company, and people love it.

00:46 Ramberg: At GoodSearch, my company, what we do is we try and keep healthy food around the office because the fact is, if you have chocolate and you have carrots, more people are going to eat the chocolate. So, what you should do is in your company, have more of the carrot kinds of things around because people will just eat what's there. James Curleigh, who has the company KEEN has taken this even one step further, and he has institutionalized the idea of recess. So, his employees are encouraged to go out and take a break, some kind of a recess. And he gives them ideas of what to do in the neighborhood whether that be a hula hoop, a quick bike ride, jump rope, whatever it may be, he encourages it in his company.