Video Transcript

00:12 JJ Ramberg: If you're trying to do business with somebody, and they tell you, No, they don't want to work with you, don't take 'no' as the final answer. Go back to them a little bit while later and offer them something, develop a relationship with them. We learned this tip from Ashley Yare from AZ Design. This is what happened with her. She plans parties and she was working or she talked to a woman who wanted Ashley to potentially plan a party for a child and the woman decided after all, "You know what, I'm not going to use you, I'm gonna plan the party by myself".

00:42 Ramberg: So, a couple of weeks later, Ashley sent her an email and just said "Hi, I hope everything is going well, I know you were looking for a castle, I found one, it's really cheap, I just wanted to send it on". No hard sell, nothing about them working together, just kind of doing her a favor. Well, guess what happened. That woman e-mailed Ashley back and said, "Thank you so much for sending this. Actually, I would love to hire you". So, three minutes of Ashley's time actually got her a new client.