Video Transcript

00:11 JJ Ramberg: So, we learned this tip from a woman named Kristy Engels who has a company called Hair Rules. She went to a conference specifically to meet a buyer. She wanted someone, a retailer, to buy her product to sell. And she met the woman, and she told the woman, "I'm going to send you a sample of my product." And the woman said, "Don't even bother. I get so many packages. It's just going to go into a closet. I'm never going to see it. It was so nice to meet you."

00:34 Ramberg: So, you know what Kristy did? She went to Tiffany, and she bought a bowl, a beautiful crystal bowl, and put her hair products in them and sent it to the woman. And what was important here is not the bowl, but the fact that this box came in one of the blue Tiffany boxes. So, you can imagine when that buyer got this in the mail, she didn't just throw it in the closet. As a matter of fact, she actually took it home because she thought it was a personal gift. Opened it up, saw Kristy's products, and they started working together.

Published on: Nov 6, 2012