Video Transcript

00:11 JJ Ramberg: Look, it's hard to really get to know somebody in an interview. It's a little bit awkward. It's a little bit formal. And so, it's incumbent on you to ask creative interview questions to get to the heart of what you wanna know. Here is a way that I have done this. At my company,, I always ask people right in the interview, "Will you be comfortable putting together an IKEA bookcase?' Now, look, in the beginning of my company, it was actually a real question, we moved about a hundred times and we put together so many IKEA bookcases.

00:40 Ramberg: But, now, even though we have a real office and real furniture that's not going to be moved, that question gets to the heart of something for me. It is, "Are you willing to work in an environment where there is no hierarchy? Are you willing to be a team player?" And the question says just as much about me and my company that you can learn from that question and you can figure out if you think that you'll feel comfortable working for us as well.