Maybe you can tell that I was a little skeptical going in to talk to a psychic. Since my mom died I've always had a soft spot for spiritual people, but that doesn't mean I believe anything anyone tells me. I heard this guy runs a business helping people get spiritually realigned, so I was curious. What I learned was surprisingly helpful.

What is healing?

Aiden Chase defines a healer as a person who provides information. This information helps people to get back in touch with their deepest desires, thoughts and intentions--in other words their "selves" or their "spirits."

Chase works with all kinds of people--billionaires, normal people, and everyone in between. Regardless of how accomplished or wealthy they are, there's always one common thread. People get stuck when they get scared.

What's the problem with fear?

The problem with fear, Chase says, is that it's a self-fulfilling attitude. If you go through life with a losing attitude ("I can't finish it," "I can't maintain it," "I can't..."), then you will attract results that confirm your attitude. You'll only find failure because it's all you ever believed in.

To reverse this, the most important thing you can do is to leave the fear behind. Chase talks about intention--having a vision of where you want to be. In order to succeed, you need to act as if your vision is already achieved. You need to "know" it's going to happen, tell yourself over and over again that it will, until your vision becomes a part of you.

Isn't this just new age crap?

You're probably thinking that this is just a bunch of new age crap, and I know exactly how you feel. I and everyone else used to think this about my mom when she started hosting monks and yoga classes in our living room in Howard Beach. I didn't give my mom a chance when I was younger, but now I know that she was way ahead of her time.

Sometimes to see what someone like Chase (or my mom) is really saying, you have to look past the mantras and positive psychology buzzwords. OK, maybe he's using some metaphors that sound like they came out of a '90s self-help VHS tape, but the truth is there are no words to describe exactly what happens when a person decides to "move forward" and "commit to their best self."

It will all sound "hokey" until it actually happens to you. But the visualizations do help.

How do you make "success" happen to you?

In case all this sounds really high-level and theoretical, don't worry. Chase gives a lot of practical advice, too. Most important is his advice to get quiet, breathe, and filter out thoughts that are holding you back.

Here's what you do.

Sit upright with a straight back. Your mind, body and spirit should be aligned, whatever that means to you. (To me it means holding a 40-pound kettlebell. Keeps me down-to-earth.)

Now, take a deep breath, and do what Chase says. Picture a really good energy come into your body--Chase says "love" but it can just be something "good."

As you breathe in this healing energy, you have to let it clean out your old "programs" like soap. (As a former pool cleaner, this resonated with me.)

Then you breathe out, and visualize your old thoughts and behaviors exiting the body.

The bottom line: intention is everything.

Get quiet and cut out all the distractions, figure out what you really want, and focus on that goal so much that it becomes a part of you. Even if you're afraid, act as if you're not.