As the global marketplace shrinks and communication channels continue to evolve, competition is heating up.

Businesses can't focus on reaching their target audience and call it a day. They also need to win them over -- a process that starts and ends with a good customer experience (CX).

Here are a few tips to make sure your company is approaching CX in an effective manner that helps you optimize your ability to turn qualified leads into conversions.

1. Make a Thoughtful Initial Impression

The keyword here is "thoughtful." 

How are you presenting your brand to new clientele? What is it about your initial impression that speaks to them from the get-go?

Psychology Today attributes the importance of making a positive impression to the halo effect. This is the concept that if someone perceives positive qualities in something, they'll continue to see similar qualities in the rest of that person, place, thing ...or business.

Make sure you're invested in making an initial impression that focuses on positive, one-of-a-kind qualities, activities, products, and services where your business excels.

2. Set Up CX for Longevity

A fleeting experience is helpful in setting up initial expectations. If it's followed by nothing but negative emotions, though, eventually things will go south.

Instead, look for ways to invest in long-term CX that can reinforce those positive vibes. Unlike the splashier focus of an initial interaction, protracted customer experience efforts are often subtle.

If CX is neglected over time, you could be missing out on customer growth opportunities. IdP platform Okta reports that 37% of customers that are asked to create an account during a transaction leave the checkout process. Things like passwordless sites and social login capabilities communicate convenience and streamline an experience.

If your site handles sensitive information, you can also implement something like multi-factor or even biometrics authentication. This quietly sends the message that you're watching out for your customers' collective safety.

3. Follow Up With Consistency

Customer experience is a journey that starts at first contact and carries right on past the point of purchase. 

Once you've converted a lead, don't drop the ball and go on to the next prospect. Follow up and provide quality support. 

HubSpot succinctly addresses this concept. The CRM platform points out that customer service is essential to business success because it gets more value from your existing customers.

Good customer service increases brand loyalty. Repeat business is statistically cheaper than acquiring new customers, too.  

Past customers can be just as important as new ones. Often they're even more valuable. Treat them that way, and you just might find that you're increasing your conversions through them in the future.

Customer experience is an important part of modern business. Good CX allows a company to demonstrate its commitment to addressing a consumer or B2B client's pain points from the first moment of contact. It also communicates that you will continue to provide the same care and attention in perpetuity as long as the relationship continues.

So take a hard, comprehensive look at your CX today. Where are its strengths? What is lacking? Emphasize the former and address the latter in the name of a better customer experience and, by extension, increased conversions in the future.