Artificial Intelligence (A.I.) shapes the way we interface with the digital world. It's a multifaceted set of interactions that evolve with every innovation, conversation, and permutation. Achieving the ideal balance of A.I. integration requires true vision to dictate the proper ways in which we will fold automation into our society, and the following eight entrepreneurs are dominating the cutting edge of this fascinating field of disciplines.

1. Rana Gujral, Behavioral Signals - Sometimes, it's not about what you say, but how you say it. Emphasis, timing, and emotion are key components to human speech, and recognition software programs of years past have largely missed these nuances. Not anymore, thanks to Behavioral Signals and their groundbreaking Emotion AI engine. CEO Rana Gujral has made humanistic speech recognition his passion, and the world of AI is ready to take note (with the proper emphasis)!

2. Vivienne Ming, Socos Labs

The relationship between people and our machines is a symbiotic one. While many AI developers fixate on the latter part of the equation, Vivienne Ming prefers to focus on the human component. With a robust background in neuroscience, Ms. Ming has pioneered smarter approaches to prosthetics, diabetes treatment, and bipolar disorder. By training our systems to be more human, Artificial Intelligence will indeed become an increasingly integral part of our daily lives.

3. Bryan Johnson, Kernel

The human brain is the most powerful supercomputer to ever exist. Our synapses process millions of complex functions that coordinate our motor functions while simultaneously allowing us the benefit of higher thought. By applying the resources of his visionary company Kernel, founder Bryan Johnson is engineering ways to expand our brainpower with the assistance of Artificial Intelligence. Kernel's study of the mind/body/machine interface (MBMI) is working to re-imagine neural circuitry to benefit humankind in a myriad of wondrous ways. Johnson's efforts could extend our cognitive lives past their current capacity, helping us experience an even more vibrant consciousness.

4. Suelin Chen, Cake

End of life planning is a topic most of us avoid until it's too late. We don't want to discuss emotionally difficult subjects like funeral specifics, inheritance, healthcare costs, and other vitally impactful decisions that we must make in our final days. Luckily, Cake is here to help ease the burden. Founded by Suelin Chen, Cake allows users to store their preferences digitally, like planting a tree in their honor or preserving their legacy through charitable donations after their passing.

5. Jess Ladd, Callisto

Sexual assault is a plague that has festered in the shadows for too long. Now, Jess Ladd is hoping to shine a light on the problem and illuminate a brighter tomorrow. Her Callisto program allows survivors to report their attack in privacy, with dignity, and with a thoroughness that is heretofore unprecedented. These records combine to create a network of data that help identify assailants and prevent future attacks. Callisto analyzes similarities between reported cases and maps out patterns, trends, and possible leads to apprehend the perpetrator. This is truly an essential A.I. for the #MeToo generation.

6. Jo Bhakdi, Quantgene

One of the main obstacles in diagnostics is the time it takes. Diseases mutate and progress over the course of years or even decades, and we don't want to wait around to see how damaging they really are. That's why Jo Bhakdi is speeding up the process. His company Quantgene uses A.I. to accelerate the evolution of DNA sequencing to identify how and why we become vulnerable to diseases. By deconstructing this process digitally, Quantgene can better determine how to minimize or eradicate these afflictions more efficiently. These replicated diagnoses and treatments are the keys to creating real solutions in the medical field in the very near future.

7. Adrien Schmidt, Aristotle

Can I help you with that? It's a question that is as polite as it is helpful, and now it is being asked (in one form or another) by the latest iteration of Artificial Intelligence: the chatbot. These Aristotle powered programs pop up when you need them most, and can process conversational requests by turning them into complex analytics. Chatbots are the vision of Bouquet co-founder Adrien Schmidt, who dreamt of making the humdrum process of data processing more human and less... well, humdrum. In Schmidt's world, Artificial Intelligence doesn't need to be robotic, but it should engineer a new era of solutions, connections and conversations.

8. Matt Sanchez, Cognitive Scale

 The consumer/provider interface is as demanding and it is rewarding. The public has an always-evolving set of needs, and businesses must use every technology at their disposal to meet and exceed these requests. Matt Sanchez was an early adopter of IBM Watson, becoming a pioneer of its implementation in the healthcare and financial service realms. His company, CognitiveScale, is discovering new ways to amplify the consumer experience through the application of Artificial Intelligence.

The breakthroughs being charted by the eight individuals above are not only advancements in the digital world; they are also helping us progress as a species. Our health, creativity, and social conscience are indelibly interwoven with the machines we use every day. By bringing compassion and innovation into the realm of Artificial Intelligence, these entrepreneurs are tapping into what it truly means to be human.