Live video gives content urgency, interaction and a level of engagement that marketers just can’t obtain any other way. To make the most of the new format, it’s worth seeing how some leaders are creating original content and setting a standard for other marketers to meet. Here are eight live video broadcasters you need to follow.

Martha Stewart might be a star of old media but she’s taken to new media like syrup takes to pancakes. Her Facebook page regularly broadcasts cooking demonstrations, some lasting as long as half an hour, and not all including Martha Stewart herself. For big brands, you don’t need to put the same face in front of the camera to produce regular broadcasts. You can spread the responsibility and still build a crowd.

Luria Petrucci has been using social live video for more than ten years. (Yes, there was live video before Facebook went live.) Together with David Foster, who explains the tech, Luria broadcasts regularly on live video content strategy. It’s a great place to learn.

Founded by Melissa Jawaharlal, an engineer at Raytheon Space and Airborne Systems, and her sister Lavanya of the Mechanical Engineering program at the University of California, Berkeley, Stem Center USA encourages kids to take up science, technology, engineering and math. Their Facebook page broadcasts live soldering and robotic tutorials, and shows what the kids are up to at their workshops.

Whenever someone works with their hands, they can build an audience. Liz Cook, a tattoo artist in Lewisville, Texas has racked up more than a million Facebook followers by using live video to show off her work, bring people into her studio and chat with members of the tattoo community.

Traditional television is recognizing the challenge posed by online video-;and the advantages promised by live video. The Science Channel broadcasts live on YouTube to reach audiences wherever they might be. This is professional content on a channel used by everyone.

Conferences and other events can only reach the audiences they can squeeze into a hotel meeting room. The 2017 Tribeca Film Festival went further. The festival teamed up with Facebook to stream a dozen live sessions, including a reunion of the cast of The Godfather movies. With live video, panels can reach-;and take questions from-;anyone.

Every professional has knowledge and skills that others want to possess. Live video gives them a powerful way to share that knowledge and those skills, and build a personal brand. Photographer Trey Ratcliff uses it to teach people to take better pictures, but any pro can use it for any expertise.

One way to grab an audience is to jump on a trend. When Iceland’s animal lovers wanted to encourage people to adopt cats, they used the popularity of the Kardashians. Kattarshians live streams the life of cats in a Kardashian-style luxury doll house. You don’t even need a presenter.