With the growth of online  video on most of the social sites, video content is quickly becoming one of the fastest, easiest and most cost-effective ways to reach a global audience with a message. But as the field becomes more crowded, standing out becomes more difficult.

These ten video content creators stand out from the pack with their creative uses of the new media format.

1) Quinta Brunson

One of Buzzfeed's viral video makers, Quinta Brunson has turned Instagram clips into a YouTube series, and a YouTube series into a 12-episode sitcom.

2) Marina Amaral

Photocolorist Marina Amaral puts eye-grabbing videos on her blog to show her work in progress.

3) Dan Hogman

Dan Hogman's short clips on Instagram also show the creation of art, and display the skill involved in creating his works.

4) Seeker VR

Science site Seeker has gone all out to show a different view of nature with an emphasis on 360 degree video. Seeker's YouTube channel will take you to the edge of space, shotgun in a fighter jet and in the middle of a burning field.

5) Meir Kay

Meir Kay has managed to combine uplifting messages with viral videos, spreading positive thinking across the Web. His Valuable Lesson For A Happier Life has generated more than a 250 million views.

6) Paul Octavious

Photographer Paul Octavious is best known for his still photography. But it's his recent experiments with drone videos that have been winning him the big views on Instagram recently.

7) Sally French

Not to be outdone, Sally French is the Drone Girl, a California native who's pioneering the use of drones in journalism.

8) Dave And Gabe

Not all of the advances in video content are happening online. Dave and Gabe operate an installation studio that combines video with touch and sound on behalf of brands and institutions. They've made screens you can lean on, and an interactive haunted house.

9) Pankobunny

Cooking videos are a dime a dozen on the Internet, but Cayla Gallagher's Pankobunny stands out by combining American tastes with Japanese themes. Her videos even have Japanese subtitles.

10) CryptO

Cryptocurrency isn't easy to follow but Crypt0's professional videos do a great job of talking users though a complex topic.