Video Transcript

00:09 John Besh: There was something in... It just clicked where, you know what, this is what I'm supposed to do. This is what I feel like I'm called to do. And from that point on, it changed the way I looked at food, and I've looked at the business. Period. Running the business even became a noble thing. I know this days, you go with the 99% versus the 1%. It's not necessarily people look at business and think, "Oh," with disdain and it became very important to be that employer. To hire people and to pay people a good wage, and give them good benefits, and give them great working conditions.

00:46 Besh: After being caught up in myself for so long I realize how important it was now to truly self sacrificing give back to the community. And by doing that it just unleashed something in our, within our group that was just magical. Because what happened is people just start pouring in from the woodwork to help out. I knew I was going bankrupt. Without a doubt I thought I'd be out of business shortly, but we're just gonna go down in style, and we're gonna do that by feeding people. By taking food into the streets. Red beans and rice in igloo ice chest and start dishing out food in the flooded streets of mid city.

01:26 Besh: And that lasted for a little while until there's really nobody else to feed. Everybody else had gone out and the water started receding. And then, we figured out, we could turn this into a business. So we started with the oil companies, and started charging them. Charity no longer... We actually started charging them, and charged them a lot. And we started catering for oil companies up and down the river that had to get their refineries back up and running. So, in no time I was able to hire back anybody and everybody that we employed prior and then some. We've lived at August. We had rooms above which used to be fine dining banquet rooms, returned into barracks, if you will. Store rooms, supply rooms. I've never dealt with Styrofoam before, but then, and I know it's not politically correct because I wasn't worried about biodegradable, five star, from that point. I was worried about staying afloat. And so, we brought in all this things. We started making meals, we started shipping food all over the place. And before you know it, even there's nobody else to cater to. And that was really what built... There's a groundwork our company. The people that came back to feed people for free. To feed those and make a difference.