You don't have to be an A-lister to drink like one. While there are some obvious choices when you think of drinks of the rich and famous (shaken martini for those James Bonds fans) and everyone knows a single-malt scotch is a go-to choice for those with distinguished tastes, you might be surprised by the reality of how, what (and sometimes where) celebrities drink. For example, 007 might be famous for getting his martini shaken but not stirred, but shaking gin (the only liquor for any real martini lovers, not vodka) actually bruises it. Many say martinis should always be stirred.

Here are 20 favorite drinks for the wealthy and famous among entrepreneurs and celebrities. Try one out the next time you hit the bars.

1. Gin and Dubbonet

Specifically, served with a slice of lemon, two ice cubes and every last pip taken out. This is the favorite cocktail of Queen Elizabeth II, so it's truly a drink for royalty. She revealed this in a documentary, touting the delectable taste of a sweet aperitif--sending orders of the drink in the UK soaring.

2. Sappro beer

Like many westerners, Simon Cowell has an abundance of food sensitivities, and claims Sappro beer (which is yeast-free) is one of the few he can enjoy. That's good news for anyone in a similar situation who doesn't want to reach for the hard stuff when their leanings are strictly beer-based.

3. Jack on the Rocks

How does he afford that rock 'n' roll lifestyle? According to Sting, even though he's light years away from his young, carefree rocker days, one staple lingers: Jack on the rocks. It remains one of the most badass drinks today.

4. Bourbon Sour

Whether it's whiskey, scotch or bourbon, this amber-hued liquor family attracts plenty of bad boys. Johnny Depp lists this as his favorite drink, even though his bad boy image is mostly a fond memory of middle aged women (and men) these days.

5. Margarita

She might not strike you as the "what stays in Mexico" type, but Jennifer Aniston has happily declared that's her favorite cocktail. A little sweet, a little sour and with plenty of kick.

6. Armand de Brignac Champagne

Jay-Z clearly has flawless taste, so it's no surprise that he's listed this as his favorite way to imbibe. As for Bey, she's also gone on record saying she adores the drink--but like Aniston also has a penchant for margaritas.

7. Gin and Tonic

Contrary to popular belief, "Butterbeer" isn't JK Rowling's signature drink. She prefers her cocktails traditional, sticking with a G+T when the pub calls.

8. White Russian

Kim Kardashian says she rarely drinks much, but when she is craving a cocktail she's known to enjoy a White Russian. Unlike her party-centric sister Khloe, most of Kim's public outings don't involve much alcohol these days.

9. Strawberry Daiquiri

Steven Tyler's daughter Liv prefers a strawberry daiquiri when the mood strikes. The heart wants what the heart wants, as do the taste buds.

10. Lemon Drop Martini (or sometimes pomegranate)

Bartenders have made all kinds of changes to cocktails over the years. Oprah is a fan of martinis that are a little sweeter, citing lemon drops or pomegranate martinis as her most palatable options.

11. Absinthe

Both Oscar Wilde and Pablo Picasso listed absinthe as their absolute favorite drink. Still illegal (or at least tough to get) in many parts of the US, it's best served with a cube of sugar. The green glowing alcohol is known as a very mild hallucinogen.

12. Champagne

Though she never stated which brand, "champagne" helped Marilyn Monroe be even more bubbly. Is it any surprise the sexiest drink was enjoyed by the biggest bombshell in history?

13. Mojito

Better known as Johnny Depp's other half for several years, Vanessa Paradis might have been the envy of every woman for years--but she was also a bartender's worst nightmare. Mojitos are notoriously consuming to make and listed by barkeeps as their most hated drink.

14. Long Island Iced Tea

These drinks are also notorious in the world of bartending, because when they're ordered bartenders say they know the customer is on a mission to get "turned up." Writer Carson McCullers said they were a favorite of his, even though they were originally invented by Long Island housewives who wanted to numb their suburban boredom as quickly as possible.

15. Mint Julep

Adored by William Faulkner, many wannabe writers today mimic the great by ordering his signature cocktail. It's refreshing, it's served in a charming tin glass, and it's nowhere near as demanding as its kissing cousin the mojito.

16. Hangman's Blood

Made with gin, whiskey, rum, port, champagne, brandy and stout, it's like the drinking man's Long Island Iced Tea. Preferred by writer Anthony Burgess, he perpetuates the stereotype of the writer as lush.

17. Tequila

You'd need a drink this strong, too, if you had so many kids and a demanding career. Angelina Jolie might have her own line of wines with Brad, but she's a tequila girl at heart.

18. Pomegranate Martini

What does one powerhouse (Oprah) have in common with another? A specific martini. Madonna claims she loves these, and it's no surprise as the chameleon pop queen likes to keep things interesting.

19. Screwdriver

When you want to sneak a drink at breakfast, nothing beats a screwdriver--just ask Truman Capote. He called it "my orange drink" just like moms today call wine their "grown up juice." Garnish it with orange slices, and at least you're getting your vitamin C fix as well as some hair of the dog.

20. Highball

Whiskey and water are a perfect match, kind of like Winston Churchill and politics. He'd even have it for breakfast.

Alcohol has been soothing us, inspiring us, and yes, giving our livers a lot of work to do for thousands of years. There will always be some recipes that rise to the top like that lime in your vodka soda. Remember, you don't have to be a celebrity to party like one. Mozel Tov!