As content marketing has heated up as a serious marketing avenue, brands have put their efforts into creating and maintaining interesting blogs. The goal is not only to improve search engine visibility but also to provide informative content that will help customers and improve brand recognition. However, over time, coming up with fresh posts on a regular basis can become challenging, especially if you're an entrepreneur running the business.

When your blog feels stale and you struggle to come up with new ideas, it can be easy to neglect it for days at a time. This can only hurt your marketing efforts though. Instead, consider these four tips for keeping your blog going when blogging is the last thing you want to do.

Do Something Dramatically Different

If you're feeling as though every post is the same, chances are your readers feel that way as well. Consider doing something dramatically different than what you've done. Interview one of your customers or an expert in your industry, if you've never done that before. Have one of your employees write a post from his or her perspective. Or tackle an issue with humor instead of staying strictly professional.

For inspiration, spend some time reading other business blogs. Don't confine your research to businesses within your industry. You may find a business in a completely unrelated industry doing something that could be adapted to your own blog.

Invite Guest Bloggers

Guest blogging is a win for all parties involved. The guest blogger gets an introduction to a new audience and the host benefits from fresh content written by someone else. The readers, meanwhile, get a fresh perspective on an issue that is already of interest to them. Because of this, professionals usually have little trouble finding someone eager to guest blog for them.

To find guest bloggers, start within your own network. If you use a site like LinkedIn or belong to a private networking group, reach out there first and ask for volunteers. Once the blog is posted, politely promote it through your social networks and finalize the experience by thanking the guest blogger on social media. The additional exposure is the best way to show your appreciation for the help.


Content curation has become popular in recent years for a reason. With curation, sites repost content that originally appeared elsewhere, crediting the original source. The original site benefits from being mentioned and linked and your site benefits from interesting content.

You can choose to repost entire blogs and articles or you can use content like infographics as supporting material for your own blog posts. Either way, you'll not only have interesting content for your site, but you'll also make an impression on the business or professional whose information is being referenced.

Use Videos

If sitting down at your computer to compose a post every day is wearing on you, consider firing up the video camera on your smartphone. You can shoot short, informational videos in just a few minutes and upload them to your blog. Whether you choose a how-to series or a behind-the-scenes view of your manufacturing process, you'll create interesting content without having to write it yourself.

To make your videos search engine visible, you'll need to either create an SEO-friendly description or a transcript of the content. Videos aren't searchable by search algorithms, so visibility will rely on the text and tags you add to it.

Your business's blog can be valuable to your content marketing efforts. However, over time, it can be tempting to neglect it for days at a time. These tips can help you keep your content fresh and allow your site to remain interesting, whether you're posting every day or a couple of times each week.